Computer Lab

Thirty computers running Windows 7, Office 2010 and other course specific software for the various courses campus-wide, such as, but not limited to, CIS, CSC, DFT, MAT, and OA programs.

Available for students needing computer access to complete missed assignments/work; study; complete quizzes/tests/exams; check e-mail; and conduct professional small group activities requiring computer access.

Location: Room G-113

Hours of operation:

Vary by semester:

Computer and Internet Usage Policy

For more information contact:
Wes Hill
Associate Dean of Business/Applied Technologies and Educational Partnerships
(252) 246-1339

All students must have:

College issued photo id cards with a valid sticker verifying enrollment for the current semester.

Students are expected to adhere to all lab rules posted in the lab and enforced by all lab assistants.

Lab Assistants are on duty at all times of operation of the Open Lab; however, please Girl Studingkeep in mind that Lab Assistants are not available for tutorial purposes. They can assist with questions and assist students in troubleshooting issues, but cannot assist in the completion of coursework and/or assignments/tests. If students need tutorial assistance, contact your instructor(s) or Student Support Services.

Printing in the Computer Lab is limited to 10 pages per day for educational purposes only.