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Computer Resources

Listed below are sources for free or cheap that you may find useful. We are providing this list in an effort to help you, and we make no guarantees and accept no liability for your use of the software listed on this page.

Please read the full disclaimer and terms of use. All products are either free or under $50.

Many of the security (spam, virus, pop-up ad, spyware, firewall) programs have some overlap in what they do, so you don't have to get one of each.  See also Microsoft's Online Safety site.

Browser Information

Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for Moodle. Please click the following link for a free download.  Firefox

While WilsonCC does recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox, we cannot accept any responsibility for any problems you may encounter with installing or using Firefox or any other software you may acquire for use with Moodle or any of your online courses.

Email Spam Blocker

If you get your email through AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, etc, you probably already have spam filtering available - check the help information.

Popup Blocker Software

Many of the firewall programs listed below also block popup ads. In addition, recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer will also block popups.
  Security Tools

Firewall Software

Stops hackers from getting into your computer. This software is HIGHLY recommended if you have a constant connection to the internet, like a cable or DSL modem. Some firewalls also include virus and spam blockers. Here are a few choices:

Helper Software

More Software

Google Apps - Our students all have accounts in Google Apps, which provides email (including spam and virus filtering), calendars, document storage, and document authoring (alternative to MS Office).

SpyWare Removal Software

Removes SpyWare from you computer. SpyWare programs are typically piggybacked on software that you download, such as screensavers, music sharing programs, etc, or they can also come through email. They monitor your internet activity and send that data to someone else, generally to use in marketing.