Computer and Internet Usage Policy

The following rules and regulations are to define all users' limitations. These rules are separate and apart from the General Policy on Student Conduct and Disciplinary Sanctions. Any violation shall be termed "computer misuse", and the offender shall be referred to the respective College office for disciplinary action.

  1. Students must use only those computers which have been authorized for their use.
  2. Students are responsible for use of their accounts. They should make appropriate use of the system, provide protection features, and take precautions against others obtaining access to their computer resources.
  3. Students must not search for, access or copy directories, programs, files, or data not belonging to them. Software provided by Wilson Community College may not be taken to other computer sites without permission. If there is any doubt about the use of any software, students should contact the Dean of Student Development.
  4. Students must not attempt to modify system facilities, crash a system, nor subvert the restrictions associated with their accounts or computers.
  5. Students may not tamper with or change any configuration settings of any device without approval from Information Technology staff.
  6. Students may not monopolize any available resource to the extent of denying others fair use.
  7. Use of any Wilson Community College computer system for personal or business purposes without written permission is prohibited.
  8. All users shall be responsive to the suggestions and interpretation of these rules by Computer Personnel.
  9. The Wilson Community College lab computers are to be used only by current students.
  10. The lab assistants are not to instruct students on how to do their assignments. The lab assistant's duties involve helping a student who is "stuck" to get out of the problem. However, they are not to show students how to solve a problem or help students do their work.
  11. Students are not allowed to copy any of the programs licensed to Wilson Community College.
  12. Students are not to leave any data or programs on the hard disk drives.
  13. Students may not use the computes to play games.
  14. Children are not allowed in the labs.
  15. Food and drinks are not allowed in the labs.
  16. Users may not use computer systems, including hardware and software and /or computer accounts, for accessing content or program which violates the acceptable moral standards of the community.

For more information contact:

Amy Noel
Executive Dean of Student Development
(252) 246-1275

The dispositions listed below (not an all-inclusive list) are examples drawn from the sanctioned policy of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Sanctions.

Revoking of the individual's rights to use the computer, either on a temporary or permanent basis could result in the following:

In the event that other College regulations are violated, additional penalties may be imposed. Unauthorized use of any computer system by an individual other than those of the College may be adjudged a felony and the individual may be liable to legal prosecution.

As a condition of the Computer Internet Usage Policy, the use of the Internet is limited to communication with faculty, staff, and students regarding matters related to course assignments; to acquire information related to or designed to facilitate the performance of assignments; and to facilitate performance of any task or project in a manner approved by an instructor, or to conduct any matters or business related to the College, such as the Student Government Association or for appropriate research projects.

Students applying for admission will acknowledge the guidelines below as a part of the admission process.

The following Internet actions are prohibited:

Sending, accessing, or soliciting sexually oriented messages or images; dissemination, or printing of copyrighted materials (including articles and software) in violation of copyright laws; sending, receiving, printing, or otherwise disseminating confidential information in violation of the College policy or agreements; offensive or harassing statements of language, including disparagement of others based on their race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious, or political beliefs. Operating a business, usurping business opportunities or soliciting money for personal gain; sending chain letters, gambling or engaging in any other activity in violation of local, state, or federal law. Disciplinary action for violation of this agreement may include a warning or reprimand, loss of Internet access, probation, or suspension from class.

Use of the computer systems by students requires that students be enrolled for the current term at Wilson Community College, and the student may be required to present a valid identification. Wilson Community College personnel reserve the right to and may monitor student user accounts at any time. Students should also be aware of their obligations concerning computer use as presented in North Carolina Laws, such as downloading music, videos, and unauthorized media.