Placement Testing

Admission Procedures

The following procedures must be followed for admission to a curriculum program and must be completed before official acceptance is granted:


**During summer semester, our summer energy savings schedule is a four-day workweek, Monday-Thursday.


Wilson Community College uses the North Carolina Diagnostic and Placement (NC DAP) a test that you take on the computer. All sections except the essay portion are untimed. You are allotted two hours to complete the essay.



NCDAP – Starts May 18, 2015


Additional Information

Curriculum students will be placed in English, reading,and mathematics courses on the basis of results of the placement test scores or transferred credit. This enables the student to enroll in these subjects at a point that is aligned with the student's achievement level as indicated by the assessment results. Placement Test Scores and corresponding course placement schedules are available in Student Development (F-100). Certain course prerequisites may make it necessary for the student to enroll in developmental courses which are identified by a numerical "0" prefix (i.e., DRE 096, DMA 010, etc.). Developmental courses may increase the cost and length of studies to complete a degree/diploma; therefore all applicants are encouraged to take placement testing seriously. Algebra placement test scores will only be considered for those students who place out of developmental math. Students who need a class from each of the developmental areas can register for a maximum of 13 credit hours of instruction per semester. Registration should consist of one course from each developmental area and an ACA course.

Students who place into the Learning Center (below developmental level courses) must complete 50 hours of study in each designated subject area, then present a signed statement from the Learning Center staff before being allowed to retest and subsequently being accepted into a curriculum program.

Applicants desiring to retake any portion of the placement test (reading, writing, math, or algebra) must wait at least three (3) months unless one of the following conditions applies:

  1. An applicant who has been referred to the Learning Center for developmental work must present a statement signed by a member of the Learning Center staff certifying the completion of 50 hours of study in that particular subject area.
  1. When the testing environment/health of the tester was, in the view of Student Development staff, clearly a limiting factor in the applicant's performance.

An applicant may test in math, English, and reading only two (2) times within a twelve (12) month period, REGARDLESS of whether the test is taken at another test site or for purposes of attempting to qualify for admission to any curriculum program.

The test results of applicants who do not follow these procedures will be invalid and will not be used to place admitted applicants into programs.

For more information contact:

Devan Cooper
Admissions/Records Assistant
(252) 246-1281

Wendy Edwards
Admissions/Records Specialist
(252) 246-1277

Maegan Williams
Admissions/Records Specialist
(252) 246-1285


Wilson Community College Placement Test Study Guides

Free ACCUPLACER Web-Based Study App for the NC-DAP (strongly suggested)

Note: this will take you to an ordering page; there is no fee to order the web app, nor will you have to provide payment information. Simply add the app to the cart and check out. It will ask you for a billing address but this is simply entering contact information to reference for future logins.

ACCUPLACER NC-DAP Sample Questions

Video Tutorials (Math, Reading, and English)


Test Preparation Strategies

Test Day Strategies


Exemptions from Placement Testing

Multiple Measures

Students who enroll at Wilson Community College may be exempt from English, reading, and math placement testing if all of the following are true:

SAT/ACT Scores

Students who enroll at Wilson Community College may be exempt from English, reading, and/or math placement testing if the following SAT or ACT scores are met. The test scores are valid only when the applicant is admitted and enrolls into a curriculum program within five (5) years from the test date:

Previous Placement Testing

Accuplacer, Asset, NCDAP and Compass placement test scores from other recognized institutions may be accepted. Test score information must be received directly from the test site. Placement test scores are valid for five (5) years from the time of the assessment until the time of enrolling in the designated course, and are not used to exempt curriculum level courses.

Previous/Transfer Credit

Applicants who have earned college level credit from a regionally accredited institution for math and English courses may be exempted from corresponding sections of placement testing if the course(s) are transferable and, in some cases, are no more than five (5) years old. Transferability and time limits are subject to review by the Registrar, the Associate Dean, and the instructor(s).