Sigma Alpha Pi/NSLS

Building Leaders to Make a Better World

The National Society of Leadership and SussessSigma Alpha Pi is a leadership honor society with the purpose of building leaders to make a better world. Our student leaders will do this by creating the lives they desire, by discovering what they want to do, and by utilizing support and tools to achieve their goals. Inducted members of Sigma Alpha Pi enhance personal, academic, and professional growth through self- motivation, success networking teams, personal success coaching, and international networking opportunities.

Advisor: Sandra Lackner, Associate Dean of Enrollment Management
(252) 246-1435 ~ ~ Office: F-100d

Advisor: Devan Cooper, Admissions/Record Assistant
(252) 246-1281 ~ ~ Office: F100

Caitlin Fowler, Student Activities Coordinator
(252) 246-1343 ~ ~ Office: F-100k

National Society Supplemental Information Sheet

The Shield:

Two Stars: Accomplishing more together than we would alone
Six Bars: Six Steps of Leadership

  1. Clarify your purpose
  2. Create a shared vision
  3. Challenge the status quo
  4. Inspire positive action
  5. Empower others
  6. Seek constant improvement

Knight: Lead with Integrity
Phoenix: Overcome Adversity

Success Action Purpose

Σ = Success
Α = Action
Π = Purpose
Success comes from continual action
towards your purpose.





NSLS Advisors


Sandra Lackner
Associate Dean of Enrollment Management
NSLS Advisor

Devan Cooper
Admissions/Records Assistant
NSLS Advisor

Caitlin Fowler
Student Activities Coordinator
NSLS Advisor