Student Mentoring and Academic Retention Team

Student Mentoring and Academic Retention Team

SMART is a mentoring program for minority male students, which pairs each student with a faculty, staff, or peer mentor. The mentor’s role is to assist and guide students in discovering the value of attending college, pursuing goals relative to the student's program of study, and becoming familiar with campus resources. The program is designed for flexibility to meet student’s needs, schedules, and interests. The objectives of the SMART program are to help minority male students by increasing:

Services Offered:

Applicants are not limited to, but must meet the following criteria and standards:

  1. Enrolled in a curriculum degree, diploma, or certificate program.
  2. Commitment to attend monthly mentoring sessions and other activities.
  3. Willing to mentor new student for the following academic year.
  4. Students must complete an application.
  5. Must attend classes regularly.

For more information contact:

Male MentoringCaitlin Fowler
Student Activities Coordinator
Phone: (252) 246-1343
Office: F103h