A student has a right to inspect and review his/her permanent student records. Such records may include identifying data, academic work completed, grades, achievement test scores, aptitude test scores, health data, teacher or counselor ratings and observations, and verified reports of serious or recurrent behavior.

A student who desires to inspect his/her records may do so by contacting the Registrar who will schedule such inspection. The student may challenge the accuracy of the records and the College will grant a hearing. Such a challenge should be directed to the Dean of Student Development.

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (the "Buckley Amendment"), other persons will not be permitted access to such information except for school officials and teachers, parents of dependent students, representatives of the Comptroller General, state agencies needing information for audit, or persons holding a court order or subpoena. Each student file includes documentation regarding who accessed the file, when, and why.

To all other persons, the College may release only directory-type information indicating if the student is currently enrolled, the program in which enrolled, current name, address, and phone numbers. If a student does not desire the release of this information, the Student Development Office should be notified within 10 days of each year's initial enrollment.

Record retention and disposal will follow the guidelines as stated in the North Carolina College System Record and Retention Manual.

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
This website provides information on the law that protects the privacy of student education records. With a student's permission, the College will share the student's records with the student's parent (s), spouse, and/or other individuals the student may choose to designate. If a student would like to grant access to release his/her student record, the student will need to complete an Authorization to Release Student Information Form.


A transcript is an official record of coursework completed at the College, and may include the credits transferred from other institutions. Some colleges and universities and licensing agencies now prefer or require that transcripts be delivered electronically. Also, many former students and/or graduates now live and work far from Wilson, making in-person requests for transcripts inconvenient or impossible. To meet the needs of our current and former students and graduates, the College processes requests for transcripts in several ways, pending approval by the Board of Trustees, including:

The cost is $5.25. The first transcript printed from an in-person request is free. Requests for transcripts that would have previously been made by phone, email, or fax must now be made electronically through the College website and National Student Clearinghouse. The NC Community College System is working with National Student Clearinghouse to make electronic transcripts available in the coming year. When that goal is met, a third option for requesting transcripts will be available:

NOTE: With WebAdvisor and online registration, current students can view and print student copies of their transcripts online. Student copies differ from official copies in that they are not signed and sealed by a College official and as such are generally not accepted as evidence of college credit by other colleges and universities and some employers.

Requests for GED transcripts of certificates must be made by contacting the State GED Office in Raleigh. Visit NC Community Colleges for further information.

For more information regarding student records or transcript requests, contact Wendy Edwards at (252) 246-1277 or e-mail

For more information contact:

Wendy Edwards
Admissions/Records Specialist
(252) 246-1277
FAX: (252) 246-1384