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Veteran’s Educational Assistance

The Department of Veteran Affairs provides a number of educational benefits to qualified veterans and/or dependents. Members of the selected reserve, war orphans, National Guard, students who have completed active tours of duty in the armed forces and qualified dependents & spouses of veterans may be eligible for assistance. To determine eligibility, students may call the VA Educational call center at 1-888-442-4551 or check online at verifying eligibility, students must follow the application process and read the following information regarding enrollment, student responsibility and payment data provided below:

Step one: Application Process

Students are required to apply for admission and must be accepted into an eligible program of study. In addition, most students need to process VA paperwork to ensure payment of benefits. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the VA application & request official academic transcripts from all colleges attended well in advance of registration.

Students who have never used their benefits must complete an application for benefits (form 22-1990 for VAs, form 22-5490 for dependents & form 22-1990e for ToE students) or submit a paper application to the Director of Financial Aid & Veteran’s Affairs with a copy of their DD-214/NOBE. In addition, official transcripts from all colleges attended must be received & evaluated before benefits can be certified.

Students transferring from another college must request a transcript from all previously attended colleges. Transcripts must be received and evaluated before students can be certified. A change of major or place of training form must be completed and returned to the VA Director if you have previously used VA educational benefits. These forms may be printed at (Forms 22-1995-VAs, 22-5495-dependents, 22-1995-ToE students)

Returning students who have used their benefits before and who are not transferring from another college or changing majors only need to update their admissions record and contact the VA Director to request certification. Please note that official transcripts are needed from all colleges that you have attended before benefits can be certified

Step two: Registration

Upon admission into a curriculum program, students should see their academic advisor during registration periods to sign up for classes each semester.       

All VA students are required to see the VA Director upon registering for classes to initiate the certification process.   In addition, students will be required to secure payment with the Cashier by the deadline set for each registration except for the following:

Chapter 31 students must present a VA/VR authorization to the VA Director for each enrollment period to be certified for benefits and to charge their tuition/fees with the Cashier’s Office.

Students approved for VA Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) benefits may choose to defer all or part of their of tuition & fees by signing an agreement with the college. Only anticipated tuition & fees from VA may be deferred. Anticipated payment is based on the benefit payment rate & classes certified. Students are required to be in good academic standing & turn in a copy of their VA Certificate of Eligibility to the VA Director. The balance from the anticipated payment & actual tuition & fees will be due by the deadline published for each term. In addition, students would be responsible for paying the college any amount not paid by VA. Students wishing to utilize this payment option should see the VA Director at the time of registration.

Chapter 33 students have the option to borrow tuition and fees via the Post 9/11 Loan Program until funds are exhausted. Students must see the VA Director for application.


As students enroll each semester, there are a number of circumstances that could render veterans ineligible for all or part of their benefits. The following is not an inclusive list, but rather a majority. Students are encouraged to read about their benefits and be familiar with their limitations.

Audited classes, classes outside the major, remedial internet/hybrid and class repeats for classes which have already been passed will not be counted toward enrollment credits for VA purposes. 

Course substitutions must be officially approved and documented in the admission’s file.

Enrollment dates for all classes are reported to VA.VA will determine enrollment classification based on the number of hours students have for each day of the month. When enrolled in Term A or B classes; which only meet half of the semester, VA will account for the change in hours based on the day classes start and end.  

Changes in enrollment due to drops, additions, or schedule adjustments are reported to VA on a weekly basis by the VA Director. Students should anticipate the corresponding change in benefits shortly thereafter.

Enrollment status is based on the number of credits for each term as shown below:

Fall/Spring     Summer  
12 - up full-time   to be determined each school year full-time
9 - 11 3/4 time     Other enrollment categories for summer are determined by VA.
6 - 8 half time      
1 - 5 less than half time      


Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP)

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) is a new training program for unemployed veterans between the ages of 35 - 60 who are not currently receiving VA educational benefits. The program has a limited number of participants and offers up to $1564 per month. The deadline to apply is September 30, 2013. For the program details & application please visit the GI Bill website.

Step three: Student Responsibility

Registration: As noted in the application process, all students are required to see the VA Director after they have registered for classes.

Changing Majors: Students wishing to change their major must complete a change of major form and return it to the VA Director. This form may be printed at (Forms 22-1995 or 22-5495 for Chapter 35).In addition, students are required to update their major with the College’s Admissions Office. However, students under the VRAP program cannot change programs after they have been certified.

Reporting Changes:  Students are required to report address and direct deposit changes to VA via WAVE  or IVR 1-877-823-2378. Address changes should also be reported to the College’s Admissions Office.

Reporting Enrollment: Students receiving Chapter 30, 1606, VRAP, and 1607 are required to report their enrollment status on the last calendar day of each month. Failure to do so will delay payment. In addition, Chapter 35 students who are not enrolled in an associate degree program must also report enrollment.   Students may utilize the WAVE system to report hours for each month  Or via IVR 1-877-823-2378.

Graduation: Students are required to notify the VA Director at the beginning of the semester they intend to graduate. Students who are graduating may opt to round out their last semester & take non-required classes to increase their enrollment status. Rounding out is limited one time per program.

Satisfactory Academic Progress: Students are required to maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA in order to make satisfactory academic progress. Upon the first occurrence of a lower cumulative GPA, students will be placed on Academic Warning and given one semester to bring their average up to the minimum. If the minimum is not reached students will be placed on Academic Probation and will not be eligible to receive VA benefits.


Payments & Summary of Benefits

Students should receive payment from VA within 12-14 weeks of certification. In the event of an overpayment, students should contact the VA office to resolve their account.

Students are encouraged to learn more about their benefits on the GI Bill website: site includes details regarding monthly benefits, housing allowance and book stipends; along with stipulations which may affect each payment. For example, Chapter 33 students who are exclusively enrolled in distance ed classes will only receive 50% of their housing allowance effective October 1, 2011.

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Military Tuition Refund & Book Buy Back: A tuition refund & book buy back is available upon request of military reserve and National Guard personnel called to active duty or reassignment of active personnel outside of North Carolina which makes completion of the term impossible. Requests and a copy of the written orders must be submitted to the college's Cashier's Office.