BioWork Process Technician for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

BioWork Process Technician for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Program

Wilson Community College, working with Merck Manufacturing, Sandoz, and Purdue Pharmaceuticals, has developed a course designed to provide basic preparation for entry-level operator jobs in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Course competencies include safety, quality, solid dose tableting, coating, and packaging. Math, teamwork, time management and problem solving are incorporated where appropriate in the course.

Introduction to BioWork Process Technician for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is a 16-week program. The student MUST be able to attend 90% of all class sessions, and maintain an 80% grade average. For employment in the pharmacetutical industry, applicants may be required to complete a criminal background check and drug screening.

The first eighteen applicants to complete their application and meet all admission requirements will be accepted.


  1. Textbook (approximately $90.00)
  2. Technology and Security Fee ($20.00)
  3. Student accident insurance ($2.00)
  4. Registration fee ($180.00)

This project receives support from the Golden Leaf Foundation.

Golden Leaf

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Note: Applications will not be mailed. Applications can be picked up in the Continuing Education office, B-105, or download.

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NOTE: Application packet should be mailed to:

Wilson Community College
Attention: Margie Norfleet
Post Office Box 4305
Wilson, NC 27893