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The Health Occupation programs provide a variety of courses to prepare you for high-demand entry-level health care occupations including Nurse Aide I, Nurse Aide II, Dialysis, Phlebotomy, and Pharmacy Technician.

Application Process

Dialysis, Nurse Aide (Levels I and II), and Phlebotomy courses require an application. Applications are available on campus in Room B-105, or can be downloaded here:

The Program Coordinator will review applications with all required copies.

Once your application has been approved, you will be contacted to register and pay all fees. No mail-in applications will be accepted.


Required Education

All Health Occupations courses require proof of a high school diploma, GED, or college transcript, and that a copy of the student’s high school diploma or GED must be kept on file. Wilson Community College recognizes high school diplomas from regionally accredited schools, private high schools, and home schools registered with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Wilson Community College will also accept high school diplomas from correspondence schools accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and/or a regional accrediting agency, such as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Nurse Aides wishing to check their date of registry expiration may go on-line to and click on “Verify Listing”.

Important Information

Malpractice Insurance

Dialysis, Nurse Aide (Levels I and II), Phlebotomy, and Pharmacy Technician courses require malpractice ($16.00) and Student Accident Insurance ($2.00) due at registration.

Student Fees

The Division of Continuing Education recognizes and is fully supportive of clinical agencies that choose to perform drug screening, criminal background checks, or fingerprinting of students. Costs associated for these tests are the responsibility of the student and are required unless otherwise indicated. This information should be made available if requested by the clinical site.

Fees listed include registration, student technology ($5.00), student security ($15.00), malpractice insurance ($16.00), and Student Accident Insurance ($2.00). There are NO fee waivers for student technology and student security fees.

Additional Required Costs

Students are responsible for the following:

  • Required textbooks (available at the College Bookstore)
  • Course-specific color uniform, scrubs (available through the College Bookstore).
  • FOR NURSE AIDE LEVEL I and NURSE AIDE REFRESHER CLASSES ONLY: Students will register for the State Exam through an account set up by the Training Program Provider. Students will be sent an email notifying them as to when to register for the exam. All students are required to have a valid email address. Cost of State testing ($101).
  • Immunizations, to be completed within two weeks of the start of class, are listed on program application.
  • Criminal background and drug screening ($35 – $90 depending on clinical site requirements) must be completed within two weeks after the start of class.
  • CPR Certification ($5.00 card fee) is required.

For more information contact:

Mary Killette
Health Programs Coordinator
Office: B105d

Available Courses

Dialysis Technology

This 131-hour course prepares individuals with theoretical, technical, and clinical skills needed to maintain equipment and provide patient care to those being treated for chronic renal diseases. Successful completion of this course will prepare individuals for employment as a dialysis technician in hospitals, renal dialysis facilities, and clinics. After one year of work experience, individuals may be eligible to sit for national certification as a Clinical Hemodialysis Technician. Required text, Core Curriculum For Dialysis Technicians, approximately $50.00. (13.1 CEU)

Nurse Aide Level I

Prepares students to perform basic nursing skills for patients or residents in a health care related setting. Course includes class, laboratory, and clinical learning experiences. Upon successful completion of the course and the state-administered skills evaluation, the student will be eligible for listing with the Division of Health Service Regulations on the Nurse Aide Level I Registry in North Carolina as a Nurse Aide Level I. The Nurse Aide will always work under the supervision and direction of a licensed nurse. Initial listing with the Division of Health Service Regulations will be in effect for two years following the skills evaluation. Schedule may vary to meet certification requirements. Once accepted into the program and classes have begun, students will have ten (10) days to obtain the Medical Manager package with Castle Branch, using the link and the package code WK69im. Castle Branch is the only company Wilson Community College will accept. Cost of this is $35.00. The application for will be given to students when they meet the requirements for registration. Uniforms are required for clinical rotations. NAI students are required to provide a current e-mail address during registration. Cost of this exam is $101. Required text, NC Nurse Aide I. Approximately $68. 

Requirements: Submit application with immunizations attached (copies only); submit a copy of High School Diploma or equivalent; submit a copy of your N.C. Picture ID; provide a valid e-mail address. 

Nurse Aide Level II

This 170-hour course prepares the Nurse Aide Level I to perform more complex skills in the health care setting. 

Requirements: completed Nurse Aide Level II application and currently listed on the Nurse Aide Registry in North Carolina. Required textbook and uniforms available at the Wilson Community College Bookstore. Once accepted into the program and classes have begun, students will have ten (10) days to submit the required criminal background check and drug screening. These are done through The application for will be given to students when they meet the requirements for registration.  (17.0 CEU)

Pharmacy Technician Training

This 92-hour course prepares students to work in a pharmacy to assist with day-to-day activities under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. At registration, students must provide a copy of high school diploma or equivalent. Upon successful course completion, students are eligible to take the National Certification Exam through (approx. $125). Required textbook, approximately $100.00. (9.2 CEU  includes 2.0 CEU of Law)

Phlebotomy Training and Clinical Education

This 155-hour course prepares students to draw blood specimens from patients for testing and analyzing. A phlebotomy trainee maintains equipment used in obtaining blood specimens, masters the use of appropriate communication skills when working with patients, selection of venipuncture sites, care of blood specimen, entry of the testing process into the computer, as well as clerical duties associated with record keeping of the blood tests. Each student must complete 100 successful venipunctures. Students are required to complete venipunctures on each other under direct supervision of the instructor. There will be weekend hours involved to complete the clinical requirements; clinical hour schedules vary as approved by the clinical site. Textbook required, The Phlebotomy Workbook. Uniforms required for clinical rotation. Once accepted into the program and classes have begun, students will have ten (10) days to submit the required criminal background check and drug screening. These are done through, at a cost of $90.00, and they are the only company Wilson Community College will accept. The application for will be given to students when they meet the requirements for registration. Required text, approximately $70. (15.5 CEU) 

Basic Arrhythmia

This 12-hour course is designed to assist the student who has a basic knowledge of the cardiac cycle to be able to understand the basic principles of cardiac electrical activity. This course offers information to recognize abnormal cardiac rhythms. Target audience is for health care professionals who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of cardiac arrhythmias. Students who complete the course successfully will be awarded CEU’s from Wilson Community College and a certificate of completion. 


A 30-hour review course to prepare for the NCLEX-RN boards to assist graduates for the Associate Degree Nursing program, or any person taking the State exam to become a registered nurse in North Carolina. Upon completion students will be able to identify relevant methods of study, describe test-taking skills, explain the NCLEX-RN test plan, and describe the content necessary to study to be successful on the NCLEXRN. Registration required at least one week prior to the first day of class. (3.0 CEU)