Paul E Ahearn
Fire Protection Technology Instructor
Mount Olive College, B.A., Management and Organization
(252) 246-1205
Courtney Altizer
Instructor - Business Administration
B.S., Forestry and Wildlife, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; M.S., Forestry, M.B.A., Business Administration, Mississippi State University.
(252) 246-1305
Debbie Batts
Instructor - Interpreter Education
B.S., Special Education, Barton College.
(252) 246-1331
Glenda Bondurant
Dean of Allied Health
B.S., Nursing, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; M.S., Nursing, East Carolina University.
(252) 246-1333
Kim Cockrell
Instructor - Early Childhood
B.A., Early Childhood Education, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M.A.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, North Carolina State University.
(252) 246-1272
Lynda Cole
Instructor - Psychology
B.A., Psychology, M.S., Marriage and Family Therapy, East Carolina University.
(252) 246-1260
Brandon Craft
Instructor - Mathematics
B.S., Mathematics Education, M.A., Mathematics, East Carolina University.
(252) 246-1320
Richard Cregar
Instructor - Automotive Systems Technology
ASE Master Technician; ASE Certified L1 (Advanced Engine Performance Specialist); ASE Certified Alternate Fuels; ASE Refrigerant Certification; ASE Certified A-9 (Light Vehicle Diesel Engines).
(252) 246-1308
Morgan Daughety
Dean of College Transfer/Public Services and Library Resources
B.A., Religion and Philosophy, Barton College; M.A., Divinity, Duke University; Ed.D., Educational Leadership, East Carolina University.
(252) 246-1309
Lynanne Day
Instructor - Surgical Technology
A.A.S., Nursing, Wilson Community College.
(252) 246-1323
Deborah Deena
Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing
Certificate, Midwifery, Diploma, Nursing, Georgetown Hospital School of Nursing; B.S., Nursing, Winston-Salem State University.
(252) 246-1302
Donald Dixon
Instructor - Chemistry
B.A., Environmental Science, University of Virginia, M.B.A., Business Administration, M.S., Chemistry, East Carolina University.
(252) 246-1207
Chase Edwards
HVAC Instructor
A.A.S., Business Administration, Beaufort County Community College
(252) 246-1368
James Egerton
Instructor - Biology
B.A., Biology, M.A.Ed., Science Education, East Carolina University.
(252) 246-1245
Inga Einisdottir
Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing
Diploma, Midwifery, Iceland's School of Midwifery; B.S., Nursing, University of Iceland; M.S., Nursing, Russell Sage College.
(252) 246-1267
Lisa Elliott
Director of Distance Learning/Instructor
Certificate, Information Systems (Network Administration), Wilson Community College; A.A.S., Information Systems Technology, Office Systems Technology, Wilson Community College; B.S., Business Education, East Carolina University; MCAS- Word 2007.
(252) 246-1224
Billie Evans
Instructor - Accounting
B.S., Business Education, M.B.A., Business Administration, East Carolina University; Graduate Certificate in Accounting, DeVry University.
(252) 246-1206
Kendra Faulkner
Instructor - Networking Technology
A.A., College Transfer, Louisburg College; B.S., Computer Information Systems, North Carolina Wesleyan College; M.S., Computer Information Systems, Nova Southeastern University; Cisco Certified Academy Instructor; CompTIA A+ Certified Professional; CompTIA Network+ Certified Professional; MOUS- Access 2000, Excel 2000 Certifications.
(252) 246-1367
Travis Flewelling
Instructor - Mathematics
B.S., Engineering, United States Military Academy; M.S., Mathematics, Colorado School of Mines.
(252) 246-1316
Suzanne Flynt
Instructor - English
B.S., Business Administration, Bloomsburg University; M.S., Technical Communication, North Carolina State University.
(252) 246-1447
Angela Grantham
Instructor - Mathematics
B.S., Mathematics, North Carolina Central University; M.A.Ed., Mathematics, Wake Forest University.
(252) 246-1312
Wendy Grode
Instructor - Paralegal Technology
B.A., Comp Area Studies, Duke University; J.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law.
(252) 246-1304
Leslie Harrell
Instructor - Biology
B.S., Biology, Barton College; M.S., Biology, East Carolina University.
(252) 246-1358
Christina Henderson
Instructor - Computer Information Technology
B.S., Business Education, M.S., Vocational Education, East Carolina University; MOS- Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Access 2010; IC3 Certifications.
(252) 246-1213
Suzanna Hernandez
Instructor - Community Spanish Interpreter
B.A., Spanish, University of North Carolina at Asheville; M.A., Spanish, Middlebury College.
(252) 246-1354
Angela M. Herring
Instructor- Information Systems Security
B.S., Computer Information Systems, Mount Olive College; Certificate, Information Assurance, M.A.Ed., Instructional SP/CP, East Carolina University; MOS- Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Access 2010; MCAS- Office Word 2007; IC3 Authorized Program Instructor; CIW v5 Associate; CompTIA Security+ Certified Professional Certifications.
(252) 246-1299
Wes Hill
Dean of Business/Applied Technologies and Educational Partnerships
B.S.B.A., Management Information Systems, M.B.A., Business Administration, East Carolina University.
(252) 246-1339
Keith Hobgood
Instructor- Welding Technology
Certificate, Welding Technology, Wilson Community College.
(252) 246-1334
Susan Holland
Instructor - Biology
B.A., Biology, Converse College; M.S., Zoology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
(252) 246-1328
Patricia Holsten
Instructor - Psychology
B.A., Psychology, M.A., Psychology, East Carolina University.
(252) 246-1250
Tammy M Hooks
English Reading Instructor
B.A. English & History, Barton College
(252) 246-1357
Part-time Instructors

Do not used this email address to communicate to your part-time instructors. This email is not monitored.
Catherine Johnson
Interpreter Education Instructor
A.A.S.,Wilson Community College, Interpreter Education, B.A., Psychology, Berry College, M.A., International Development
(252) 246-1269
Gregory Johnson
Instructor - English
B.A., English, M.A., English, North Carolina State University.
(252) 246-1280
Keita Kornegay
Medical Office Administration Instructor
A.A.S., Medical Office Administration, Johnston Community College, B.S. Human Resource Management, Mount Olive College
(252) 246-1291
Alan Leonard
Instructor - Economics/Business Administration
B.A., Economics, University of California at Irvine; M.A., Economics, Northern Illinois University.
(252) 246-1303
Nadia S Minniti
Culinary Arts Instructor
A.A.S. Food Service Managment, Lenoir Community College, B.A. Food Service Management, Campbell University, M.A. Gastronomy, NC State University
(252) 246-1289
David Moody
Instructor - Criminal Justice Technology
B.A., Geography, Fayetteville State University; M.S., Criminal Justice, East Carolina University.
(252) 246-1217
Stephanie Peace
Instructor - English
B.A., M.A., English, Radford University.
(252) 246-1434
Karen Pittman
Instructor - Practical Nursing Education
B.S., Nursing, M.S., Nursing East Carolina University.
(252) 246-1321
Sandy Pittman
Instructor - Religion & Music
B.A., Music, Barton College; M.A., Church Music, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.
(252) 246-1266
Susan Pittman
Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing
B.S., Nursing, Barton College.
(252) 246-1208
Frances Rampey
Instructor - Computer Information Technology
B.S., History, M.A.Ed., Instructional SP/CP, East Carolina University; MOS- Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Excel 2010, Access 2010; CIW v5 Associate; IC3 Certifications.
(252) 246-1218
Steven Reynolds
Instructor - Electrical/Electronics Technology
A.A.S., Industrial Electrical/Electronics Technician, A.A.S., Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Technology, Pitt Community College.
(252) 246-1238
Teresa Roberts
Instructor - Office Administration
B.S., Business Administration, Lincoln Memorial University; MOS- Word 2010, Word 2003 (Expert), Excel 2002; MOUS- Word 2000 (Expert), Excel 2000, PowerPoint 2000, Access 2000 Certifications.
(252) 246-1324
Deborah Skinner
Instructor - Mechanical Engineering Technology
A.A.S., Drafting and Design, Wilson Community College; B.S., Business Administration, Barton College.
(252) 246-1347
Rhonda Smith
PT Interpreter
A.A.S. General Education, Emmanuel College, Franklin Springs, GA, B.A., Psychology, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA.
Becky Strickland
Instructor- Associate Degree Nursing
B.S., Nursing, Barton College.
(252) 246-1322
Teresa Taylor-Perez
Instructor - English
B.A., English, Barton College; M.L.S., Library Science, East Carolina University; M.A., Pastoral Studies, Loyola University; M.A., English, North Carolina State University.
(252) 246-1288
Dawn Watson
Instructor- Associate Degree Nursing
B.S., Nursing, Barton College; M.S., Nursing, East Carolina University.
(252) 246-1392
Lakeisha Wheless
Instructor- Associate Degree Nursing
A.A.S., Nursing, Wilson Community College; B.S., Nursing, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M.S., Nursing, Duke University.
(252) 246-1313