Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I fax my application to Human Resources?
    • No, the College will only accept applications that are sent through the mail or hand delivered.
  2. Is a copy of my college transcripts required?
    • Yes. If you are applying for a position that has a degree requirement then transcripts are required before your application can be processed. At this point in the process transcripts can be unofficial. Official transcripts will be required if employed.
  3. Do I need to complete a professional statement?
    • Yes, if you are applying for a teaching position.
  4. I know the deadline was yesterday, but can I send my application today?
    • You are always free to send in your application after the deadline. However, your application will not be considered if it arrives after the closing date for the position.
  5. How long does the hiring process take?
    • Typically, no longer than a month. When a position closes the applications of those who meet the minimum position requirements are forwarded to a selection committee. This committee is responsible for selecting the individuals to interview. Interviews are then conducted and the selection committee chooses the applicant they would like to recommend for employment. Background checks and reference checks are then conducted and a hiring recommendation is made.
  6. What is the difference between preferred and required qualifications?
    • Preferred qualifications are those that the college would like to see in an applicant. Required qualifications mean that an applicant has to possess those qualifications to be considered for a position by our selection committee.
  7. Will you pull an old application on file for me to submit for a new position?
    • No, the Human Resources Office does not pull old applications. A new application is required for every position.
  8. Will I be notified of the status of a position for which I have applied?
    • Yes, the Human Resources Office sends out notification letters to advise about the status of positions.