First Year Progression


To ensure first-year students reach an academic momentum point that helps predict future credential completion


Percentage of first-time fall credential-seeking students attempting at least twelve hours within their first academic year who successfully complete (“P”, “C” or better) at least twelve of those hours


Denominator: A fall cohort of credential-seeking students (program code A, D, C) enrolled in curriculum courses at a college for the first time after high school graduation. Must attempt at least twelve hours (including developmental and withdraw) within the first year fall, spring, and summer semesters.  Includes those dually enrolled previously at the same institution and excludes students previously enrolled at another college. Does not include students who do not attend the class i.e. transfer credits, credit by exam or reported grades of ‘NA’ and ‘NS’.

Numerator: Those within the cohort above who complete at least twelve hours (including developmental) with a “P”, “C” or better within the first year.


Curriculum Registration, Progress, Financial Aid Report (CRPFAR) data file
National Student Clearinghouse


Denominator:  Students must meet one of the following criteria:


Numerator:  All students from the denominator who successfully complete with a grade of ‘P’,‘C’ or better at least twelve hours within the first year.

Goal: 74.6%

Baseline: 53.2%

  1. Basic Skills Student Progress
  2. GED Diploma Passing Rate
  3. Developmental Student Success Rate in College-Level English Courses
  4. Developmental Student Success Rate in College-Level Math Courses
  5. First Year Progression
  6. Curriculum Completion
  7. Licensure and Certification Passing Rate
  8. College Transfer Performance