Curriculum Completion


To ensure student completion and persistence toward a post-secondary credential


Percentage of first-time fall credential-seeking students who graduate, transfer, or are still enrolled with 36 hours after six years


Denominator: A fall cohort of credential-seeking students (program code A, D, C) enrolled in curriculum courses at a college for the first time after high school graduation. Includes those dually enrolled previously at the same institution and excludes students previously enrolled at another college.

Numerator: Those within the cohort above who by the fall that occurs six years after original cohort designation either graduate (A, D, or C), transfer to a four year institution, or are still enrolled during that sixth fall semester previously completing 36 non-developmental hours.


Curriculum Registration, Progress, Financial Aid Report (CRPFAR) data file
National Student Clearinghouse


Denominator:  Students must meet one of the following criteria:


Numerator:   All students from the denominator who achieve at least one of the following:

Graduation- Graduated from a North Carolina community college credential program (A, D, C) at any point from the start of their first fall term and up till 6th fall term afterward.


Transfer- Transferred into a 4-year college as archived in the National Student Clearinghouse database on or before the 6th fall after original cohort term.


Persistence- Still enrolled during the 6th fall term and successfully completing at least 36 non-developmental credits prior to the 6th fall term. Successful credit completion is based on grades of C or better.

Goal: 45.6%

Baseline: 28.6%


  1. Basic Skills Student Progress
  2. GED Diploma Passing Rate
  3. Developmental Student Success Rate in College-Level English Courses
  4. Developmental Student Success Rate in College-Level Math Courses
  5. First Year Progression
  6. Curriculum Completion
  7. Licensure and Certification Passing Rate
  8. College Transfer Performance