QEP Topic: Everybody Loves PIE
Prepare, Inspire, Educate

P- Prepare students with a goal-based advising model.
I - Inspire students, faculty, and staff with a campus-wide advising culture.
E – Educate and engage developmental students through an advising model their first semester on campus.

The College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), PIE: Prepare, Inspire, Educate: A Focus on Advising, plans to increase student retention through enhancement and training of the academic advising process. The QEP will create an advising syllabus for first semester distribution, train faculty advisors and staff on the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) model of advising, and create a developmental advising experience. Basing the interventions on research espousing the importance of the first semester of the college experience, WCC plans on creating the advisory experience to provide support and also engage the students in their discipline area.
Student learning is defined, for the purposes of this QEP, as persistence towards one’s academic goals. Engaging students in their academic plan and incorporating students within the academic family is crucial to retention. The PIE model aims to assist students in creating realistic goals and plans to achieve those goals as well as provide the support and resources for when plans go awry.

QEP Development and Implementation Team