Mission Statement

Wilson Community College provides opportunities for academic excellence, student success, workforce development, and community partnerships.

2017-2022 Strategic Goals

  1. Serve more of our service-area constituents, and more fully.
    a. Increase Continuing Education and Curriculum program and course offerings.
    b. Develop off-campus sites to provide courses.
    c. Establish internal and external partnerships to expand and support recruitment.
    d. Provide programs and services that promote student persistence and success.
    e. Market to both general and targeted populations based on research and analysis.
  2. Expand business and industry partnerships to meet current and future workforce development needs.
    a. Tailor Continuing Education and Curriculum programming growth to research-based needs and opportunities.
    b. Develop work-based learning opportunities.
    c. Engage program advisory committees in program and service reviews.
  3. Grow the College’s diversity in ways meaningful to the College and to the community.
    a. Increase the cultural awareness of faculty, staff, and students.
    b. Evolve an employee base that more accurately represents the community at large.
    c. Create and expand programs and initiatives that support the recruitment and retention of minority and underrepresented student populations.
  4. Improve the campus grounds and interiors aesthetically.
    a. Identify and prioritize campus areas for improvement.
    b. Promote the enhancement and expansion of student meeting areas.
  5. Create a culture and framework for continual research, experimentation, and innovation across all College missions.
    a. Establish ways to increase the effectiveness of work units.
    b. Explore and exploit technological advances.
    c. Identify and implement best practices.
    d. Promote and facilitate a culture of continuous improvement.
    e. Explore innovative IT solutions.
  6. Expand and deepen employee engagement in College planning, assessment, and governance.
    a. Engage College personnel in all aspects of planning, assessment and governance through program and service reviews, strategic planning, and participation on standing committees, senates, and community-based groups.
    b. Develop internal leadership development opportunities.
    c. Provide access to professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.
    d. Facilitate and support participation in College senates and standing committees.

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Phone: 252-291-1195

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Lee Technology Center

4815 Ward Blvd
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Coastal Plains Law Enforcement Training Center

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