What do all prospective CCP students need to know?

How do I learn more about the CCP program before I start the process?

How much does it cost to take CCP College classes?

How are college classes beneficial?

Who is eligible to participate in CCP?

How does a college class affect a student’s high school transcript?

How do the College class(es) fit into the high school schedule?

How do I get started in the CCP Program?

What is the process of enrolling in college through the CCP Program?

How do I know if I’m ready for college?

How are College classes different from High School classes?

What does “readiness” for college look like?

What is the difference between online and face to face classes?

What should I consider before taking college classes, especially online?

What if extracurricular obligations such as athletics, after school activities, work, family vacations, field trips, etc., conflict with class?

How do I know which College courses I should take?

What are the technology requirements to take an online/hybrid course?

What skills are necessary to be successful in an online/hybrid class?

Do online courses have due dates for assignments like traditional classes?

What should I do to prepare before the first day of class?

Is there an orientation before classes start?

What if I received disability accommodations at my high school- are they automatically transferrable to the College courses? How do I apply for these services?

How do I determine which books, supplies or access codes are needed for classes and whether I’m responsible for the cost?

When should I log into my Wilson Community College Email (Outlook)? Is there an easy way to quickly check my email?

Is there help navigating the online Learning Management system (Moodle)?

If I want to use the library, open computer lab on campus or need ID for the proctoring center, where can I get a College Student ID?

What should a CCP student do on the first day of class and throughout the semester for success?

If I am signed up for a class, does that mean I am officially enrolled?

Once I complete the Enrollment Activity for online/hybrid courses on the first day of class, what should I do next?

How do I find out about course guidelines and policies, and a list of assignments with due dates?

What if I am confused by the lesson or the directions for an assignment- what steps should I take?

Will my instructor accept late work?

How do I find support for tutoring and/or technical issues like Email, Moodle, or software?

Where are the links for the College Email (Outlook) and for the online class in Moodle?

How do I determine my username, email and password for the College?

What if I have trouble logging into my College email or Moodle?

What if I have a problem with the Chromebook my high school provided for me?

What should I do if my instructor requires assignments to be submitted in Microsoft Word format or Excel, etc.?

What if I don’t understand some of the material in the textbook or posted in my class, is there any way to get help or support?

What steps should I take if my instructor requires a test or exam to be proctored?

What are some general college policies I should know?

Is there a College-wide attendance policy? What are the consequences if I violate that policy? Are there “excused absences?”

What if I need to withdraw or drop a College class?

What steps can I take if I have a disagreement with a grade?

If I have a grievance, what should I do?

What is the Discipline Policy at WCC?

What are the expectations for Academic Honesty?

What is Title IX and how does it apply to me?

What should I consider when determining if I can continue taking CCP classes?

How do I remain eligible for CCP classes?

What happens if I fail a class?

What should I do after I complete a class?

Where can I check for my official grade at WCC?

How do I request a WCC transcript to be sent to other colleges?

What can a Parent/Guardian do to help support CCP students?

How can I keep up with my child’s progress in a College class?

How can parents/guardians support students if the student expressed confusion or concern about the course in any way?

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