Clarification of Social Media Post

//Clarification of Social Media Post

It’s come to my attention that there’s a story on social media to the effect that Wilson Community College has a bedbug issue.  THIS IS NOT TRUE.

As I understand it, a student reported one morning earlier this week that she was bitten by a bedbug while sitting in one of the College’s student lounging areas.  Because our first priority always is student wellbeing, and because bedbugs are, indeed, a resurgent health concern across the nation, that very same afternoon the College called in its local professional exterminators, with whom we have an ongoing contract.  The exterminators (1) found no evidence of bedbugs, and furthermore (2) stated that bedbugs are very evident when they are, in fact, present.  Therefore, we’re as certain as we possibly can be that the College does not have an issue.

For the student’s sake, we sincerely regret the incident; we simply have no reason to believe that the incident was related to conditions at the College.  In the course of any one year, Wilson Community College provides education and training for about 7,000 individuals, a number large enough to come with understandable challenges.  But bedbugs is not one of them.

Thanks very much, and have a great weekend,

Jessica Bailey
Director of Marketing & Public Relations and Interim Foundation Director
Wilson Community College
(252) 246-1271

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