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Occupational Extension training programs are designed to provide opportunities to gain new and/or upgrade current job-related skills. Training may consist of a single course or bundled as a series of courses providing instruction around skill competencies that lead to a recognized credential (licensure, certification, renewal, registry listing) and/or meets local workforce labor needs.

Programs and courses include:

  • Automotive
    • DMV – Car Dealer Pre-License
    • North Carolina Safety Inspection
    • OBD Emission Inspection
  • Biowork Process Technician for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Electrical Contractor License Renewal Classes
  • Fundamentals of Tire Manufacturing
  • Industrial Electricity Level II
  • Industrial Welding II
  • Workplace Training
    • Backhoe Operator
    • Effective Teacher Training
    • Forklift Operation Training
    • Notary Public Training
  • Workplace Certifications
    • Agritech Training Program
    • Grade III and IV Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
    • ServSafe Food Service

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DMV – Car Dealer Pre-License

Required for individuals seeking an initial NC vehicle dealer license. Students will be required to download class material. The instructor will provide that information at the first class. 100% attendance required. (1.2 CEU)

North Carolina Safety Inspection

Prepares auto technicians and service personnel as safety inspectors for motor vehicles. To present a standardize method of testing and evaluating the performance and knowledge of Inspector-Mechanics conducting North Carolina State Inspections. Space limited to 12 students. 100% attendance required. (0.8 CEU)

OBD Emissions Inspection

Prepares auto technicians and service personnel as On Board Diagnostics (OBD) emission inspectors for motor vehicles. To familiarize students with the mandates and procedures required for certification as a North Carolina OBD II Inspector-Mechanic. Space limited to 12 students. Pre-requisite: North Carolina Safety Inspection class.
100% Attendance Required (0.8 CEU)

Backhoe Operator

Students will learn the basic operations of a backhoe. Topics to be covered are safety, hand signals, front-end loader operation, truck loading, trenching, and underground services. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will receive a wallet and a frame size certificate. Class size is limited, register early. A $2.00 insurance fee is mandatory.

Bioworks Process Technician for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

This course prepares students for entry-level jobs in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Course competencies include safety, quality, solid dose tabling, coating, and packaging. Math, teamwork, time management and problem-solving are incorporated where appropriate in the course.


  • Textbook
  • The student MUST be able to attend 90% of all class sessions, and maintain an 80% grade average.
  • Upon successful completion of the class, students are eligible to take the NC Bio-Process Technician exam
  • For employment in the pharmaceutical industry, applicants may be required to complete a criminal background check and drug screening.

Effective Teacher Training

his 30-hour course provides training in effective teaching methods for prospective substitute teachers. Helps existing classroom teachers improve the learning environment for students. 100% attendance required. (3.0 CEU)

Electrical Contractor License Renewal Classes

These courses meet the annual continuing education requirement for electricians in the State of North Carolina. Topics include NEC Code Review, new materials and procedures, and related code requirements. All classes are held at the Coastal Plain Law Enforcement Training Center, Room P-101. Book required is the most current edition of NEC Code Book (approx. $100). (0.8 CEU)

  • Changes to the 2014 Electrical Code: Articles 300-800
  • Changes to the 2014 Electrical Code: Articles 250 Grounding & Bonding
  • Changes to the 2014 Electrical Code: Articles 90-240
  • Changes to the 2014 Electrical Code: Articles 300-800

Introduction to Commercial Electricity

Topics include electrical drawings, branch circuits and feeders and their installations, plus the studies of three-phase electric services, three-phase transformer systems and short-circuit calculations. Also included will be overcurrent protection and coordination of overcurrent protective devices, emergency power systems, motor and appliance circuits and other subjects (AC motors and megger usage). The aforementioned topics will be studied utilizing the latest adopted version of the National Electric Code.

EPA 608 Refrigerant Certification

This course covers the requirements for the EPA 608 examinations. Topics include small appliances, high pressure systems, and low pressure systems. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of refrigerants and be prepared for the EPA certification examinations. (0.8 CEU) 100% attendance required.

Textbook required: The ESCO Institute (2006). EPA Certification Exam Preparatory Manual, 7th Edition, Mount Prospect II: ESCO Press. NOTE: Students will be responsible for the $25 testing/examination fee that if passed will earn certification. Paid online or in classroom by credit/debit card.

Forklift Operation Training

Course topics include effective operation of a propane-powered industrial fork truck, safe operating procedures, and the understanding of plant regulations as they apply to fork truck operation. Student accident insurance ($2.00) can be purchased through the College at the time of registration. (0.6 CEU)

Fundamentals of Tire Manufacturing

This 24 hour course provides basic preparation for entry-level jobs in the tire manufacturing industry. Applicant must be 18 years of age.

  • Required textbook and supplies: approximately $50
  • Registration Fee: $70
  • Security Fee: $15
  • Technology Fee: $5

NOTE: All hiring, scheduling, and compensation for program completers is to be handled directly between the student and the employer.  Students are urged to perform due diligence prior to enrolling in the program by requesting information from the company or the Wilson County NC Works (formerly Employment Security Commission) in order to determine employment eligibility.

Industrial Welding

This 48 hour course uses the shield metal arc welding process. Upon completion students will be able to demonstrate SMAW welding techniques. For safety purposes steel-toe boots are required; no tennis shoes or opened-toed shoes (leather boots preferred); no cuffed pants or shirts; no open pocket shirts; no polyester; long-sleeved cotton shirts and denim jeans preferred; no jewelry. Insurance $2.00 required.

Notary Public Training

Student requirements: purchase current Notary Public Guidebook, read prior to class, and bring to class. Student must show valid NC picture ID for class entry. Must score 80% or better to pass. This course can also be used for an update and re-commission. $70 Fee plus textbook. (0.7 CEU)

IMPORTANT: To become a notary, one must meet qualifications established by the North Carolina Secretary of State. For more information, go to https://www.sosnc.gov/notary/qualifications.aspx to determine if you qualify to become a Notary Public.

ServSafe Food Service

This 16-hour course is designed to give food handlers the understanding of proper sanitation precautions and point out the results to be expected should these practices not be taken. Students will study infections and illnesses, proper food-handling techniques, personal hygiene, personal safety, and be made aware of the OSHA regulations. The required text, Food Safety Management Principles and Exam, should be purchased from the College Bookstore and begin reading prior to class. (1.6 CEU)

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