Emerging Infectious Diseases Workshop

//Emerging Infectious Diseases Workshop

Friday, March 22 • 8 AM – 3 PM • Wilson Community College Campus

Look no further than 24 hour news coverage, box office movie sensations, and popular zombie lore for proof – infectious diseases fascinate us. In this workshop you will participate in several hands-on activities, gain an understanding of the types of tests used to detect and identify diseases, and become familiar with current biotechnology methods and equipment. Return to the classroom prepared to tell your students how some NC companies are reducing the impact of emerging infectious diseases. Additionally, you’ll be equipped to guide them toward non-traditional life science careers, especially through programs available at Wilson Community College.

Register for the workshop and view agenda here: https://emergingdiseaseswilsoncc.eventbrite.com

For more information, contact: Margie Norfleet, Dean of Industrial Technologies • 252-246-1210 • [email protected]

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