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Did you know that the American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter Education Program at Wilson Community College (WCC) was the second in the state to be established, and it is now one of only FIVE interpreter education programs in the system?

Did you also know that ASL is the third most commonly-used language in the United States?

picture of Tina HanfordGraduates from our program have many job opportunities available to them. They can work in the public school system as an educational interpreter and enjoy the benefits and variety that accompany that role. They can also work as a staff interpreter at several state agencies that employ or serve Deaf people. Many of our students become freelance sign language interpreters so they can enjoy the flexibility and variety that freelancing allows. Freelance interpreters provide interpreting services in a wide variety of settings such as doctor’s offices, professional meetings, presentations, workshops etc. They can set their own schedule, and if they don’t want to work on a Monday, they don’t have to do so! Freelance interpreters earn between $25 -$45 per hour, depending on skill level and certification, and they typically work between 25-35 hours per week.

The best thing about becoming a sign language interpreter is the interaction with the Deaf community. Our students picture of catherine johnsonunderstand the power and privilege that is inherent as an interpreter and know that interpreting is far more than a paycheck; they are allies with the Deaf community. Deaf people are patrons of the same businesses and use the same services as people that can hear do and are very appreciative and supportive of people who are trying to learn their language.  They will often spread the word in the Deaf community when someone knows sign language so they can patronize that business.

We are proud to offer this program at YOUR community college!

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