College Transfer Performance

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To ensure the academic success of community college students at a four‐year university or college


Among community college Associate Degree completers and those who have completed 30 or more credit hours who transfer to a four‐year university or college, the percentage who earned a GPA of 2.25 or better after two consecutive semesters within the academic year at the transfer institution.


Denominator: Students with an Associate Degree or at least 30 articulated transfer credits enrolled during the fall and spring semesters at a four‐year institution who were enrolled at a community college during the previous academic year.  Only includes North Carolina based four‐year institutions.

Numerator: Of those in the denominator, the number of students earning a GPA of 2.25* or better aggregated over the fall and spring semesters at the transfer institution.

Note: Community colleges are allowed to supplement data with results from out of state institutions with which they have articulation agreements.

Data Sources

Curriculum Registration, Progress, Financial Aid Report (CRPFAR) data file

National Student Clearinghouse

UNC‐General Administration

*Participating NC independent colleges and universities (Success based on of 2.00 GPA this year. Will transition to 2.25 next year.)

Additional Details

UNC‐GA matched the records of community college students receiving an Associate Degree during the academic year or accumulating at least 30 articulated college transfer credit hours against subsequent fall and spring UNC system student records to determine transfer enrollment at a North Carolina public university and first year academic performance. UNCGA provided aggregate totals of transfer students who did or did not attain GPAs equal or greater than 2.25 in their first academic year.

Additional lists of students based on National Student Clearinghouse matches were sent to participating independent colleges and universities. These colleges and universities returned files identifying whether or not students attained GPAs equal or greater than 2.00 in their first academic year. (*Will transition to 2.25 next year.)

Data from these sources were combined to determine the overall percentage of transfers with a GPA exceeding the success threshold after two semesters.

Goal: 83.7%
Baseline: 65.1%
WCC Outcome: 85.9%

2018 NCCCS Performance Measures published July 11, 2018.