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Wilson Community College uses multiple methods to determine course placement. One of those methods is placement testing. Placement testing is used if the student does not meet any of the other requirements under our course placement policy. Students may be exempt from taking the placement test if their program of study (or desired course for special credit students) does not require a Math or English prerequisite or if they meet any exemptions. Visit the Placement Testing page for more information.

Please note that there are other requirements associated with admission to Wilson Community College’s limited enrollment programs. Refer to the Admissions Checklists for those programs for more information.

Per the requirement of the North Carolina Community College System, Wilson Community College uses the North Carolina Diagnostic and Placement (NC DAP) test. It is a computer-based adaptive test measuring your skills in Math, English and Reading. Most of the test is multiple choice, but there is an essay component.
There is no fee for the tests and all materials are provided.
Yes. Schedule your appointment by calling (252)246-1281.

An Application for Admission and official transcripts must be on file with Student Development prior to scheduling the placement test(s).

You MUST call to notify Student Development 24 hours in advance by calling (252)246-1281.

Due to limited testing space, failure to attend your scheduled session may result in your not being able to reschedule a testing session.

The length of time for testing depends on how many parts of the test you need and your testing pace. The NC DAP may take 4-6 hours or more to complete and should be scheduled as two separate sessions (i.e. Session 1 for the reading/English sections and Session 2 for the math sections).
The test is offered one or more times throughout the week. Please call (252)246-1281 for exact dates and times.  Note: During the summer semester, the College is open Monday-Thursday.

Yes. Please contact the Disability Services Counselor, prior to testing, at (252) 246-1230. The accommodations generally available include, but are not limited to: extended test time, enlarged print, and sound.

Yes, please select the link below for the study guide app or the .pdf version of the study guides.
NC DAP Study Guide
NC DAP Essay Samples

*Note: this will take you to an ordering page; there is no fee to order the web app, nor will you have to provide payment information. Simply add the app to the cart and checkout. It will ask you for a billing address but this is simply entering contact information to reference for future logins.

The NC DAP is administered on a computer and is proctored by a Wilson Community College Admissions staff member.

Reading requires you to answer questions related to short passages. Answers are chosen from a suggested answer list (50 multiple choice questions)

English (writing) requires you to correctly edit sentences for grammar and punctuation (30 multiple choice questions) as well as write a 300 – 600 word essay on a given topic to assess course readiness.  The essay will be typed using a computer keyboard.

Math presents varying math problems ranging from pre-algebra to intermediate algebra. (72 multiple choice questions)

The testing center is located in Building F, Room 103c.
You MUST bring a valid picture ID with you to be admitted to test.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled testing time. Pencils and scratch paper will be provided during the testing session. Personal calculators are not permitted. There is a calculator available within the testing software for the math portion for designated questions.

Following your test, a counselor will review your scores with you and identify course placement. You will receive a printed copy of the results to take with you.
To send scores from Wilson Community College to another college, you need to submit a written request for placement test scores. This form is available in Student Development, F-100.

Test scores for those testers who do not enroll at Wilson Community College will be kept on file for at least one (1) year.

Curriculum students will be placed in English, reading, and mathematics courses on the basis of placement test scores or transferred credit. Certain course prerequisites may require you to enroll in developmental courses which are identified by a numerical “0” prefix (i.e., DRE 096, DMA 010, etc.). Developmental courses may increase the cost and length of studies to complete a degree/diploma; therefore all applicants are encouraged to take placement testing seriously.

Students who need a class from each of the developmental areas can register for a maximum of 14 credit hours of instruction per semester. Registration should consist of one or more courses from each developmental area and an ACA course.

Applicants desiring to retake any section of the placement test must wait at least three (3) months unless one of the following conditions applies:

  1. When an applicant who has been referred to the College and Career Readiness Center for developmental work must present a statement signed by a member of the College and Career Readiness Center staff certifying the completion of 50 hours of study in that particular subject area.
  2. When the testing environment/health of the tester was, in the view of Student Development staff, clearly a limiting factor in the applicant’s performance.

An applicant may test in math or English only two (2) times within a twelve (12) month period, REGARDLESS of whether the test is taken at another test site or for purposes of attempting to qualify for admission to any curriculum program.

The test results of applicants who do not follow these procedures will be invalid and will not be used to place admitted applicants into programs.