New Student FAQ

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All new and re-admitted students need to complete an orientation program.

Orientation can be completed on-campus or online.

In-person orientation is a 2 hour program (2 1/2 hours for College Transfer students) held in the STARS Center, building F, room 103e. During the session, students will learn about policies, procedures, and tips on how to be a successful student. Students will have the opportunity to meet other students and take a campus tour.

Online orientation can be completed in Moodle. For new students, access to Moodle will not be given until the 1st day of classes.

Orientation needs to be completed by the beginning of registration for the second semester of attendance.

Your advisor is listed on the pink slip that you received from Admissions. For most new students, the STARS Center (building F, room 103e) or the College Transfer Advising Center (building C, room 200) will be your advising center.

If you have questions about who you should see for advising, check out the Advisors page:

Yes! Close to the beginning of the semester, you will be able to charge your books to your financial aid.

The bookstore is located in building G, room 201.

You will not have access to Moodle until the first day of classes. If it is the first day of classes and you still cannot access Moodle, please follow the reset directions or contact Technology Support Services at (252) 246-1224 or visit A-108.
No, you do not need a parking pass/permit to park on campus. Pay attention to spots labeled STAFF, as those spaces are designated for faculty and staff that do need permits.
Being involved on campus is an important part of the college experience. We have a Student Government Association (SGA) that is committed to help students get connected to each other and the campus. For more information, check out the Student Activities page.

The Emerging Leaders Certificate is an opportunity to earn a non-curriculum certificate for becoming involved on campus, attending educational workshops, and completing community service. Read more about the program and how to get started today.