Early Alert Referral System (EARS)

What is EARS?

Wilson Community College is committed to the success of all students. Numerous campus support services are available throughout your academic journey to assist you in achieving your educational goals. WCC has adopted an Early Alert Referral System (EARS) as part of a student success initiative to aid students in their educational pursuits. Faculty and Staff participate by alerting and referring students to campus services for added support. Students may receive a follow-up call from various campus services as a result of being referred to EARS. Students are encouraged to participate, but these services are optional.

Faculty should login to the Intranet to make a referral.


1 – Acknowledgment
A member of the EARS team will acknowledge your referral, and then forward the request to the appropriate outreach advocate.

2 – Outreach
An outreach advocate will contact the student to setup an appointment. Face-to-face is always preferable, but phone, Skype, or email appointments will be available at the student’s request.

3 – Intervention
Based on individual needs, the student will be presented with guidance, support services, or success strategies.

4 – Follow-Up
Outreach advocates will follow-up with the student within one week of initial contact to assess if the intervention was successful or if further strategies are needed.

5 – Closing the Loop
Outreach advocates will follow-up with the referring faculty or advisor and update them of intervention strategies and any observed outcomes.

An Instructor helping a student.
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