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3D Human Anatomy and Physiology Tool provides 3D interactive videos, narrated animations, extensive anatomy and physiology content, common clinical conditions, case studies and quizzes.

Grey House Publishing

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The Value of a Dollar 1860-2019

This sixth edition of the highly successful The Value of a Dollar records the actual prices of thousands of items that consumers purchased from the Civil War to the present, along with facts about investment options and income opportunities. The Value of a Dollar is for both the student engaged in historical research and the user who simply wants to know what life was like during the time of his or her ancestors. Perfect for anyone curious about social history: students studying the topics that require knowledge about everyday life in America; teachers who seek information to enliven classroom discussions; writers who need access to the basic facts of America’s commerce; business historians seeking data to establish a framework of wage and price information during a specific period; and reporters seeking to enhance a story with economic details.

Working Americans

The updated Second Edition of this important reference work focuses on the lifestyles and economic life of working class families and looks, decade by decade, into the kind of work they did, the homes they lived in, the food and clothes they bought, the entertainment they sought as well as the society and history that shaped the world Americans worked in from 1880 to 2018. From the wealth of government surveys, social worker histories, economic data, family diaries and letters, newspaper and magazine features, this unique reference assembles a remarkably personal and realistic look at the lives of ordinary working Americans.

  • Volume I: The Working Class
  • Volume II: The Middle Class
  • Volume III: The Upper Class
  • Volume IV: Their Children
  • Volume V: At War
  • Volume VI: Women
  • Volume VII: Social Movements
  • Volume VIII: Immigrants
  • Volume IX: Civil to Revolutionary War
  • Volume X: Sports
  • Volume XI: Inventors
  • Volume XII: Music
  • Volume XIII: Educators & Education
  • Volume XIV: African Americans
  • Volume XV: Politics & Politicians (1880-2018)

American Reformers

American Reformers brings together informative biographies of 550 men and women who were the principal architects of reform in America from the seventeenth century to modern times. Coverage includes not only the chief facts of each subject’s life, but also offers a thought-provoking assessment of the subject’s significance to the general reform movement in this country. It also includes new topical entries on the major social movements in America since the seventh century.

Profiles of North Carolina & South Carolina

This volume provides detailed demographic and statistical data on the over 1,357 populated places in the states of North Carolina & South Carolina. This information includes Demographic Profiles, School District Data, Detailed Weather Data, Comparative Ranking Charts, Unemployment Rate, Population Characteristics, Taxes, Cost of Living, Education, Health Care, Public Safety, Air Quality, and more.

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Salem Press

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Financial Literacy Starter Kit:  This resource provides students with easy-to-understand guidance on how to manage their finances.  It breaks down in accessible terms the essentials of early financial literacy, such as sticking to a budget, checking accounts, paying back student loans, renter’s insurance, and much more.

Career Series

These titles examine the thriving industries and the exact careers where job seekers can excel and help them make the best decision on which career path or area of study to pursue.

  • Careers in Building Construction
  • Careers in Manufacturing & Production
  • Careers in Science & Engineering
  • Careers in Information Technology Science
  • Careers in Financial Services
  • Careers in Nursing
  • Careers Outdoors
  • Careers in Protective Services
  • Careers in Social Media
  • Careers in Sports Medicine & Training

Critical Insights

The series focuses on an individual author’s entire body of work, a single work of literature, or a literary theme. Edited and written by some of academe’s most distinguished literary scholars, Critical Insights provide authoritative, in-depth scholarship suitable for students and teachers alike.

  • American Writers in Exile
  • Beloved
  • Contemporary Immigrant Short Fiction
  • Civil Rights Literature, Past & Present
  • George Eliot
  • Harlem Renaissance
  • Henry James
  • Holocaust Literature
  • Hunger Games
  • LGBTQ Literature
  • Little Women
  • Louisa May Alcott
  • The Diary of a Young Girl
  • The Hobbit
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

Critical Survey of American Literature: A guide that offers detailed profiles of major American authors of fiction, drama, and poetry, each with sections on biography, general analysis, and analysis of the author’s most important works.

The Encyclopedia of African-American Writing covers the role and influence of African American cultural leaders, from all walks of life, from the 18th century to the present. Readers will explore what inspired various African-American writers to create poems, plays, short stories, novels, essays, opinion pieces and numerous other works, and how those writings contributed to culture in America today.

Critical Survey of World Literature.  A unique combination of biography and critical analysis, covering major writers from outside the United States and their significant works in fiction, drama, poetry, and nonfiction.

Novels into Film: Adaptations & Interpretations offers a unique look at how a story makes its way from the printed page to the screen.  The 100 novels covered in this work represent a wide range from classics to contemporary favorites

Psychology & Behavioral Health

This encyclopedia covers not only the history of the field and the core aspects of behaviorism, cognitive psychology, and psychoanalytic psychology but also diagnoses, disorders, treatments, tests, notable people, and issues, including many popular concepts. Many of the newly added essays address how culture, ethnicity, and gender affect psychological theory and beliefs. They cover topics such as multicultural psychology and the effect of culture on diagnosis and look at groups as divergent as Latinos, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, and the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities. Some examine gender differences, in particular gender roles and conflicts. Other essays examine important and developing issues in psychology, such as multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence, pharmaceuticals used in treatment, genetics, and the effects of hope, spirituality, and social support.

Principles of Sociology: Personal Relationships & Behavior provides valuable information and ideas about different aspects of personal relationships and behavior. This work includes categories such as “Day-to-Day Interaction,” “Family & Relationships,” “Socialization,” “Social Change,” and “Aging & Elderly Issues.”

Principles of Sociology: Group Relationships & Behavior.  This volume discusses the difference between how groups operate versus how individuals behave.  This work includes categories such as “Social Movements & Collective Behavior,” “Stratification & Class in the U.S.,” “Social Interaction in Groups & Organizations,” and “Sociology of Religion.”

Principles of Sociology: Societal Issues & Behavior includes topics that relate to society and behavior. The articles are divided within categories and explore how these topics affect American culture on a widespread level. This work includes categories such as “Deviance & Social Control,” “Race & Ethnicity,” “Sex, Gender & Sexuality,” “Society & Technology,” and “Sociology of Health & Medicine.”


Encyclopedia of Global Resources is an easy-to-understand source on all aspects of our natural resources, from their economic applications and benefits to the impact of their extraction.  It provides a wide variety of perspectives on both traditional and more recent views of the Earth’s resources.

The Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues is an up-to-date A-Z guide on science, policy, and social issues related to the global environment.  It assembles information from numerous fields of knowledge relevant to the study of environmental issues including biology, geology, anthropology, demographics, genetics, and engineering, and explains the interrelationships of these issues in easily understood terms.

Forensic Science: A comprehensive reference source on the theory, techniques, and applications of the various forensic sciences.  Although forensic sciences do indeed play a major role in homicide investigations, they are also applied to a multitude of other kinds of investigations, ranging from simple accidents and arson to war crimes and writing instrument analysis.

Principles of Biology: Provides students and researchers with an easy-to-understand introduction to the fundamentals of biology.

Principles of Biotechnology: This resource introduces students and researchers to the fundamentals of biotechnology using easy-to-understand language that gives readers a solid start and deeper understanding and appreciation of this complex subject.

Principles of Chemistry: Provides students and researchers with an easy-to-understand introduction to the fundamentals of chemistry, from elements and molecules to chemical reactions and properties of matter.

Principles of Computer Science: Provides students with a solid, easy-to-understand background to the key terms and subject matter of computer science.

Principles of Physics: Provides students and researchers with an easy-to-understand introduction to the fundamentals of physics.

Principles of Physical Science: Provides students with a solid foundation to begin their study of physical science.

Privacy Rights in the Digital Age: This encyclopedia discusses the practical, political, psychological, and philosophical challenges we face as technological advances have changed the landscape of traditional notions of privacy.

Principles of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence provides readers with the important information they need to understand the basic concepts of artificial intelligence as well as ways that both AI and robotics can be successfully incorporated into manufacturing, transportation, education, and medicine.

Principles of Programming & Coding explains the fundamental concepts, popular languages, systems, and protocols that go into computer programming and coding.


Principles of Business: Accounting: Provides students and researchers with easy-to-understand entries on hundreds of important terms, principles and concepts allow readers to develop a deeper understanding of the field.

Principles of Business: Economics: Provides students and researchers with easy-to-understand entries on hundreds of important terms, principles and concepts allow readers to develop a deeper understanding of the field. It also includes numerous illustrations and helpful diagrams of relevant topics.

Principles of Business: Entrepreneurship: Provides students and researchers with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of business topics.

Principles of Business: Finance: Provides students and researchers with easy-to-understand entries on hundreds of important terms, principles and concepts allow readers to develop a deeper understanding of the field.

Principles of Business: Management: Provides students and researchers with a solid understanding of the most important aspects of management, from leadership and operations to project management and entrepreneurship.

Principles of Business: Marketing: Provides students and researchers with a solid introduction to the fundamentals of business.



Salem Health: Addictions, Substance Abuse & Alcoholism presents essays on a variety of topics concerning substance abuse and behavioral addictions and their related issues.

Salem Health: Nutrition is a one-stop source for comprehensive, easy-to-understand information on all aspects of human nutrition, including healthy eating, the nutritional value of various foods, diets, eating disorders, dietary conditions and so much more.

Salem Health: Community & Family Health Issues is a comprehensive understandable resource with with nearly 500 articles that cover a variety of social, mental health, and physical conditions, all of which can have a significant impact on the overall health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

Salem Health: Magill’s Medical Guide covers diseases, disorders, treatments, procedures, specialties, anatomy, biology, and issues in an A-Z format, with sidebars addressing recent developments in medicine and concise information boxes for all diseases and disorders.

Salem Health: Women’s Health:  This encyclopedia includes nearly 300 entries that are written in clear, understandable language to provide students and researchers with accessible, updated information important to gain an understanding of the many areas of women’s health.


Milestone Documents sets include full-text primary source documents with expert analysis and commentary that places the document in its historical context.

  • American History
  • American Leaders
  • African American History
  • World History
  • World Religions

Defining Documents: This series consists of a collection of essays on important historical documents by a diverse range of writers on a broad range of subjects in American history. The series offers a broad range of historical documents on important authors and subjects in American history, with primary source documents, in-depth analysis, and comprehensive lesson plans that represent the diversity of ideas and contexts that define social, political and cultural subjects throughout American history. The Defining Documents series is perfect for students, those researching a particular era, or anyone interested in American History since 1492.

  • Civil Rights
  • The 1900s
  • The 1910s
  • The 1920s
  • The 1930s
  • Postwar 1940s
  • The 1950s
  • The 1960s
  • The 1970s
  • The Vietnam War
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • The Cold War
  • Immigration & Immigrant Communities
  • Women’s Rights (1429-2017)
  • Native Americans (1451-2017)
  • Supreme Court Decisions (1803-2017)
  • Dissent & Protest (1635-2017)
  • The 19th Century (1801-1900)
  • The 18th Century (1701-1800)
  • The 17th Century (1601-1700)
  • Renaissance & Early Modern Era (1308-1600)
  • Middle Ages (476-1500)
  • Ancient World (2700-BCE – c.500 CE)
  • Nationalism & Populism (320 BCE – 2017 CE)
  • Political Campaigns, Candidates & Debates (1787-2017)
  • The Middle East (141 BCE-2017)
  • The Legacy of 9/11
  • The 20th Century (1900-1950)
  • LGBTQ+ (1923-2017)
  • Secrets, Leaks & Scandals
  • Prison Reform
  • Capital Punishment

The Ancient World: Provides students and researchers with real information on what life was like in the Ancient World, alongside accessible information on the cities, civilizations, key figures and cultures from prehistory to 700 C.E.

Constitutional Amendments: An encyclopedia of the people, procedures, politics, primary documents and campaigns for the 27 amendments to the Constitution of the United States. Filled with interesting data on the path each Amendment took to be proposed, voted on, and then submitted to the States for ratification, this new reference will inform and educate readers on how our nation has changed and updated the US Constitution.

The Bill of Rights: A comprehensive survey of all aspects of the U.S. Bill of Rights; from its origins to its role in modern American history. Special attention is given to the organic relationship of the Bill of Rights to the original Constitution, its ongoing interpretation and incorporation by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the political and social issues it has spawned.

Great Lives From History:  American Women: This reference source covers prominent individuals from colonial times through the present offering a fascinating perspective on important women from U.S. history.

Great Lives from History: American Heroes: This comprehensive resource profiles nearly 300 individuals who place others above self and who invoke courage to take risks to better the world, from the American Revolution through today.

Great Lives from History: The 21st Century (2000-2017): Features over 500 essays on the most notable figures in 21st Century politics, literature, education, journalism, science, business, and sports. Coverage is extensive and spans the globe.

Great Events From History:  The Middle Ages 477-1453: The events in this series are arranged strictly chronologically, essentially forming a timeline without regard to region. Hence, students can trace world history comparatively, with events in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas comingled.

Great Events from History: African American History: This resource provides comprehensive coverage of the many events that define the framework of African American history, including social, cultural, and political movements, and the struggles to gain freedom, equality and civil rights.

Great Events from History: LGBTQ Events: Chronicles important historical events that have identified, defined, and legally established the rights of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities.

Great Events from History: The 21st Century: Documents the first sixteen years of the twenty-first century including tumultuous and life-changing events- terror, wars, natural disasters, as well as social and political events that will render the world forever changed.

Issues in U.S. Immigration: Immigration in U.S. History examines the many issues surrounding immigration–from the earliest settlement of British North America in the seventeenth century through the immediate aftermath of the of September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks of the twenty-first century. It also places special emphasis on the many ethnic communities that have provided American immigrants.

World Political Innovators: This brings together over 200 biographies of some of the most important political figures of the twentieth century. These leaders, who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of their country, helped define the landscape of politics today. From the famous to the infamous, the study of these leaders help students and researchers gain a new point of reference to these influential individuals and the ideas they sought to promote through their political career.

Human Rights Innovators: Highlights hundreds of key figures who fought for human rights around the globe. These informative, in-depth biographies feature those activists who fought to end slavery and discrimination, promote the rights of women and children, and those whose mission is to promote peace, freedom and equal rights around the world.

The Criminal Justice System. This encyclopedia offers clear, comprehensive and authoritative treatment of all aspects of the criminal justice system in the United States. It details the commission and frequency of crimes through the investigation, apprehension, prosecution, and punishment of wrongdoers.

The Gun Debate: An Encyclopedia of Gun Control & Gun Rights has over 350 entries that provide in-depth coverage of both sides of the gun debate. Content is arranged using a balanced and unbiased approach to this controversial issue. It has an easy-to-use A-Z format, with numerous cross-references. It has an updated chronology, including key 2016 legislation and shooting incidents.

Racial & Ethnic Relations in America: An encyclopedia that discusses the history of race relations in America, and provides new insight into racial relations and tensions seen in our cities, in the media, and on the minds of Americans today. It has detailed descriptions of ideas and theories, descriptions of people and events, and essential facts about court cases, laws and movements.

Opinions Throughout History.  This series is designed to follow the path of public opinion on current, controversial topics as they have evolved throughout history. Each volume includes a range of primary and secondary source documents, including newspaper and magazine articles, speeches, court decisions, and other legislation. These documents are accompanied by expert commentary and analysis to guide the reader through the process of understanding how each document contributed to, or is a reflection of, changing attitudes on important issues of public interest.

  • National Security vs. Civil & Privacy Rights
  • Immigration
  • Gender: Roles & Rights
  • Drug Use & Abuse
  • Social Media Issues
  • The Death Penalty

 Great Events from History: Modern Scandals describes and analyzes some of the most important scandals of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Each essay focuses on a single event, or series of closely related events, deemed scandalous by media and society. While seeking to reconstruct the chronology and key figures of these events, the essays discuss both what happened to make the event scandalous and how it has influenced modern history.

From Suffrage to the Senate: America’s Political Women  explores American women’s path to political power and social equality from the struggle for the right to vote and the abolition of slavery to the first African American woman in the U.S. Senate and beyond.  This resource covers individuals, organizations, movements, publications, milestones, legislative victories, and court cases that have changed the face of American politics.

Ethics: Questions & Morality of Human Actions: This encyclopedic work includes more than 1,000 essays organized by broad categories related to ethical issues.


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