2019-2020 & 2020-2021 Wilson Literary Review

Congratulations to the winners and all those published!

Wilson Literary Review Covers



Mono-chromatic Cornet by Carla Damphie Clean by Esteban Arizpe
“The Man with Technicolor Eyes” by Chris Long “Self Love” by Shacoreya Artis
Self Reflection by Katelyn Engel Loneliness by Matthew Eatmon
“In Noctem In Silentio” by Kyra Unruh “Police Brutality” by Dellneidra Horton
Sunflowers by Bethany Gurley “The Year 2020” by Landon Lucas
“Black Girl” by Autumn Ray “I Have A Dream” by Jenia Allen
“Chesapeake Bay” by Joshua Bailey Pretty by Ian Rose
Sunset by Deborah Linkous “Letting Go of the Snake: A True Story” by Nathaniel Barnes
“Crisp Evenings of Fall” by Colin Bateman Regretful Innocence by Nathan Daniel
Tin Tree by LaToya Jackson “The House on White Hill” by Kaleigh Battle
“Darkness” by Stanisha Battle House on the Corner by Marcel Goffington
What You See Isn’t Always What You Believe by Chadwick Abrams Oak Island Pier by Dylan Honeycutt
“Running Out of Time” by Dannielle Brown Beach Side by John O’Brien
Pennsylvania Meets New York by Danielle Lynd “The Components of Love” by Emma Currie
“Masked Emotions” by Rakia Canty “Wave” by Nora Casillas
American Beauty by Katelyn Engel “Surviving the Pandemic” by Linda Curtis
“Being African American” by Destiny Chandler Fire by Victoria Linkous
Palm by Katelynn Ward “New Beginnings” by Rachel Dennison
“Natural Hair Diary” by Jasmine Chapman Plastic Joy by Esmeralda Arias-Olmedo
“Every Time I Blossom” by Madison Craft “Dawn My Attire” by Marcel Goffington
 Believe by Taylor Boykin “If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Courtney Hawley
“The Loss” by Anastasia Drane Raven, The Dark Healer by Dominick Latta
Sunset Beauty by Katelynn Ward Chocolate Emporium by Asa Huang
“You Do Not Deserve My Fire” by Stephanie Everette “Superwoman” by Diamond Holden
Thank You for Your Service by Katelyn Engel Washington DC by Ryley Kite
“Sun in the Rain” by Allegra Farmer My Hair is My Crown by Ashley Jones
Flooded by Zoe Howard “Life Goes” by Payton Hovis
“Stolen Freedom” by Crystal Fitzpatrick Day or Night by Leah Pinkington
“Season to Season” by Conner Hale “Life of a Passenger Plane” by JonTyler Jobe
“The Most Beautiful Season” by Shaelyn Harold Flowers in the Garden by Esmeralda Olmos
Picture by Sydney Batchelor “The Library Trip That Changed It All” by Ashley Jones
“Better” by Zoe Howard Gradient Clouds by Kaleigh Battle
Sunset by Evelyn Tovar “Voices” by Kayla Jones
“To the Girl in the Mirror” by Alicia Hyden “Alone” by Ryley Kite
“The Youngest” by Julianna Johnson Nature’s Take by Jaylyn Strickland
Waiting Patiently by Tammy Medlin “A Day on the Lake” by Victoria Linkous
“This is Me” by Naja Jones “Be Kind” by Heather Morales
“My Best Friend, Anxiety” by Chris Long BE KIND Art by Heather Morales
“Deep Blue” by Kellie Long “Yourself” by Sheryl Perez
Scenery Photography by Bethany Gurley Rubicon by Kimberly Philpott
“Broken” by Danielle Lynd “My Boy” by Kimberly Philpott
Peace in the Mountains by Haleigh Lester When it Snows in NC by Rachel Dennison
“Dear Dad” by Faith Matthews A Trip to the Mountains by Glory Ward
“The Importance of Sleep” by Kat May “The Human Mind” by Danielle Reece
Jaded by Katelyn Engel Overlook by Daniel Oveysey
“I Am King” by Jordan Mills “Health Care Workers” by Leah Pilkington
“Home” by Amanda Moore Evening Rain by Fate Franks
“My Wish For You My Child” by Joy Moore “A Message to a Four-Year-Old Me” by Skyler Unruh
Freedom by Michelle Betancourt “Mirror of Self Love” by Brandon Wells
“She Compared Herself to a Flower” by Andrea Sandoval Current by Skyler Unruh
Flowers on a Fence by Kyra Unruh The Bear and the Beauty of Life by Catherine Wood
“Then There Were Two” by Shykira Sharp Untitled by Messiah Staten
“Enough” by Ashley Snow Give Me Jesus by Julia Tate
“Forget the Lies” by Evelyn Tovar “Pursuing a Lifelong Dream” by Silas Wood
Fun in the Sun by Katelynn Ward Calm Fury by Courtney Williford
“In a Another Frame” by Mary Vick
“Speechless” by Katelynn Ward
Freedom by Cecilia Smith
“Successful Failure” by Katelynn Ward
“Life is Like a Book” by Belinda Woodard
James River Bridge by Zy’Miracle Kearney
“Lev Shome’a” (“Listening Heart” in Hebrew) by Susan Moses
“Joy and Torment” by Susan Moses
“La Dolce Vita” by Susan Moses


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