Celebrating Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Wilson Community College is proud to celebrate Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month during the month of May.

Check back throughout the month for more facts and events.

Interesting Facts

Material Scientist Peter Tsai PhD invented the N95 mask filter in the 1990s, it was originally intended for industrial use. Dr. Tsai patented the creation in 1995, and a year later the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered that the N95 could also block viruses and bacteria. This revelation encouraged its use in healthcare settings, and it has proven to be indispensable during the COVID-19 pandemic, where it continues to save lives.

In 1994, Ajay Bhatt and his team created Universal Series Bus (USB) technology, allowing users to connect different components to computers without extra hassle. The USB hub serves as a “translator” for various devices, making it easier for computers to understand different commands.


Ke Huy QuanKe Huy Quan

Quan is a Vietnamese born Chinese-American actor who recently won an Academy Award for best supporting actor for his critically acclaimed role in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”



Michelle KwanMichelle Kwan

Kwan is a retired figure skater and a two-time Olympic medalist. She is a diplomat now and serves as the United States Ambassador to Belize.




George TakeiGeorge Takei

Takei is an American actor, author and activist known for his role in the television series Star Trek. He has won awards and accolades for his work on human rights and Japan–United States relations.



Patsy Matsu MinkPatsy Matsu Mink

Mink was a lawyer and the first Japanese-American woman elected to Congress. She is known for her work on legislation for women’s rights.


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