Fall 2024 2nd 8-Week Session – Starts Oct 17

Enroll in a 2nd session 8-week course. Contact Admissions for more information.

The 2nd 8-week session runs from October 17 – December 13, 2024.

Important Dates

  • Registration for this term is Oct 14-16, 2024; Payment is due by 4:00 p.m. on Oct 16, 2024.
  • Late Registration/Schedule Adjustment for this term is Oct 17-18, 2024; Payment is due by 2:00 p.m. on Oct 18, 2024.
  • Classes start Oct 17, 2024.

Courses Available:

ACA-111-NT1S2 College Student SuccessTerrence Martin
ACA-122-NT1S2 College Transfer SuccessBritney Smith
ACA-122-WENT2 College Transfer SuccessSuzanne Ross
ART-111-NT1S2 Art AppreciationJennifer Jackson
ASL-252-BL1S2 ASL ClassifiersGinger Leon
BIO-169-NT1S2 Anatomy and Physiology IIMichael Adams
COM-231-NT1S2 Public SpeakingRachel Stephens
ENG-112-NT1S2 Writing/Research in the DisciplinesStefanie Bourque
ENG-112-NT2S2 Writing/Research in the DisciplinesGary Redding
HEA-110-NT1S2 Personal/Health WellnessShannon Debruhl
HIS-221-NT1S2 African-American HistoryJeffrey Wilhelm
HUM-115-NT1S2 Critical ThinkingWendy Bailey
MAT-172-NT1S2 Precalculus TrigonometryVivian Martin
MUS-121-HF1S2 Music Theory ISandy Pittman
PED-110-NT1S2 Fit and Well For LifeJoanna Stegall
PHI-240-NT1S2 Introduction to EthicsDuston Mason
PSY-241-NT1S2 Developmental PsychologySteven Dammer
SOC-210-NT1S2 Intro to SociologyShandrika McNair-Williams
SPA-112-NT1S2 Elementary Spanish IIJose Cruz
SPI-114-NT1S2 Analytical Skills Spanish InterpretingLuis Benavent

Section codes:
HY = Hybrid (51% or more online; 49% or less face-to-face)
BL = Blended (less than or equal to 50% online; more than or equal to 50% face-to-face)
NT = Online (100% online)
HF = Student chooses online, online live, or in-person week-by-week.

The College reserves the right to cancel classes with low enrollment.

Financial Aid Note: Currently enrolled WCC students who have already received financial aid for the semester will not receive additional grant funds to pay for these courses. Please contact the WCC Financial Aid Office for more information.

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