Veterans – Step Two

Upon admissions into a curriculum program, students should see their academic advisor during registration periods to sign up for classes each semester.

All VA students are required to see the VA Director immediately upon registering for classes each semester to initiate the certification process. In addition, students will be required to secure payment with the Cashier by the deadline set for each registration except for the following:

Chapter 31 students must present a VA/VR authorization to the VA Director for each enrollment period to be certified for benefits and to charge their tuition/fees with the Cashier’s Office.

Students approved for Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) benefits may choose to defer all or part of their tuition and fees by signing an agreement with the college. Only anticipated tuition and fees from VA may be deferred. Anticipated payment is based on the benefit payment rate and classes certified. Students are required to be in good academic standing and turn in a copy of their VA Certificate of Eligibility to the VA Director. The balance from the anticipated payment and actual tuition and fees will be due by the deadline published for each term. In addition, students would be responsible for paying the college any amount not paid by VA. Students wishing to utilize this payment option should see the VA Director at the time of registration. Chapter 33 students have the option to borrow tuition and fees via the Post 9/11 Loan Program until funds are exhausted. Students must see the VA Director for application.


As students enroll each semester, there are a number of circumstances that could render veterans ineligible for all or part of their benefits. The following is not an inclusive list, but rather a majority. Students are encouraged to read about their benefits and be familiar with their limitations.

Audited classes, classes outside the major, remedial, co-req, Internet/hybrid, and classes for which students have already passed will not be counted toward enrollment credits for VA purposes.

Course substitutions must be officially approved and documented in the Admission’s file.

Enrollment dates for all classes are reported to VA. The VA will determine enrollment classification based on the number of hours students have for each day of the month. When enrolled in Term A/B or module classes, which only meet part of the semester, VA will account for the change in hours based on the day classes start and end.

Changes in enrollment are reported to VA on a weekly basis by the school. Students should anticipate the corresponding change in benefits shortly after adding or dropping classes.

Enrollment Status is based on the number of credits for each term as shown below:

  • Fall/Spring
    • 12+ full-time
    • 6-8 half-time
    • 1-5 less than half
  • Summer enrollment status is based on the number of days and weeks in the term. Students should contact the VA Director for enrollment classification prior to registration.

For more information contact:

Shannon Bain

Shannon Bain

Director of Financial Aid & Veteran's Affairs

Department: Financial Aid

Phone: (252) 246-1274


Office: F105a

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