College celebrates transfer students

If you follow Wilson Community College on social media, you may have noticed posts last week about National Transfer Student Week. 

Each year, National Transfer Student Week is organized by the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students in an effort to celebrate transfer students and the faculty and staff who support them. This year’s theme was “These Transfer Shoes: Step Into My Journey.” 

The college transfer department at WCC organized a college transfer spirit day, free four-year school resources and free tools to support students along their pathway toward a successful transfer.   

On Monday, students were provided with a list of four-year colleges and universities in North Carolina that were offering waived application fees.

On Tuesday, students received information about the purpose and importance of a baccalaureate degree plan. A BDP is designed to provide a clear pathway from a college transfer degree to a bachelor’s degree. Each BDP is specific to the student’s major at both the community college and the four-year school.

Students showed their transfer spirit on Wednesday by wearing the colors or T-shirts of the college to which they plan to transfer after WCC.  Faculty and staff were asked to either wear the gear of their alma mater or WCC. As a play on this year’s theme, all participants were asked to pair their college gear with their coolest shoes.

On Thursday, students were provided information on the importance of visiting the campus of their four-year school before transferring. The information included a campus visit checklist as well as important questions that could be asked during the visit.

On Friday, students were given a timeline to prepare them for graduation from their college transfer degree and a successful transfer to their four-year school.   

Are you interested in earning a four-year degree at one of the 16 colleges within the UNC system or at one of North Carolina’s private colleges?  WCC has five college transfer degree programs that are designed for students to earn their two-year college transfer degree and transfer to a four-year school with junior status.

Our college transfer degree programs include Associate in Arts and Associate in Science, Associate in Fine Arts in music, Associate in Arts in teacher preparation and Associate in Science in teacher preparation. There’s even an opportunity for students to earn their college transfer degree in just one year by enrolling in our fast-track Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree programs. 

Registration starts Nov. 8.  If you’re interested in learning more about WCC’s college transfer degree programs, contact Britney Smith at 252-246-1280 or, or Sheril Roberts at 252-246-1309 or You can also visit our website at for more information on the college transfer process and available resources. At #WilsonCC, we make Wilson work.


• Oct. 28 — WCC Scholarship Invitational Golf Tournament at Wedgewood Golf Course.

• Nov. 8 — Registration for winter term and spring semester.

• Nov. 9 — New student orientation and nursing information session.

• Dec. 1 — Winter term begins.

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