2019 Coronavirus Precautions

Wilson Community College is monitoring ongoing Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from local, state, and national authorities. There are currently no identified cases on our campus. As facts develop, we intend to provide accurate and timely information whenever warranted.

wipe surfacesWhat Can the College Do?

  • Wilson Community College staff clean classrooms and frequently touched surfaces daily (e.g., doorknobs, light switches, counter tops).
  • We collaborate with our local health department and other relevant partners to keep our emergency operations plan updated and appropriate.
  • And, as we already mentioned, we intend to keep faculty, staff, and students updated.

use hand sanitizeruse hand sanitizerWhat Can You Do?

  • Use the hand sanitizer stations that are located at several main entrances to the campus.
  • Signs with hand cleaning strategies are located throughout campus. These signs provide information about washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available. Please follow this advice.
  • Per the CDC, we recommend the use of disposable cleaning wipes by students, staff, and faculty on commonly used surface (e.g., keyboards, desks, remote controls) before each use.

Guidance from the Center for Disease Control


Stop the Spread of Germs Coronavirus Symptoms What You Need to Know What to do if You are Sick
stop the spread of germs coronavirus symptoms cdc need to know factsheet cdc what to do if sick fact sheet




fun fact

Did you know that the American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter Education Program at Wilson Community College (WCC) was the second in the state to be established, and it is now one of only FIVE interpreter education programs in the system?

Did you also know that ASL is the third most commonly-used language in the United States?

picture of Tina HanfordGraduates from our program have many job opportunities available to them. They can work in the public school system as an educational interpreter and enjoy the benefits and variety that accompany that role. They can also work as a staff interpreter at several state agencies that employ or serve Deaf people. Many of our students become freelance sign language interpreters so they can enjoy the flexibility and variety that freelancing allows. Freelance interpreters provide interpreting services in a wide variety of settings such as doctor’s offices, professional meetings, presentations, workshops etc. They can set their own schedule, and if they don’t want to work on a Monday, they don’t have to do so! Freelance interpreters earn between $25 -$45 per hour, depending on skill level and certification, and they typically work between 25-35 hours per week.

The best thing about becoming a sign language interpreter is the interaction with the Deaf community. Our students picture of catherine johnsonunderstand the power and privilege that is inherent as an interpreter and know that interpreting is far more than a paycheck; they are allies with the Deaf community. Deaf people are patrons of the same businesses and use the same services as people that can hear do and are very appreciative and supportive of people who are trying to learn their language.  They will often spread the word in the Deaf community when someone knows sign language so they can patronize that business.

We are proud to offer this program at YOUR community college!

Winter Semester Starts 12/2/19

Are you looking for an opportunity to earn course credit over the winter break? If so, Wilson Community College is here for you.

A Winter semester with 5 week online courses will run from December 2, 2019 – January 3, 2020.

Important Dates

  • Registration for this term is November 4-27, 2019. Payment is due by 4:00 p.m. on November 27, 2019.
  • Classes start December 2, 2019.
  • Last day to request a refund is December 4, 2019

Courses Offered

Section Instructor
ACC-120-MMNT1 Stephanie Meadows
BIO-111-MMNT1 Lee Anne Daughtry
BIO-168-MMNT1 Mickey Adams
BIO-169-MMNT1 Jarrett DeVine
BIO-275-MMNT1 Leslie Harrell
BUS-110-MMNT1 Brent Wynne
CIS-110-MMNT1 Martin Holloway
ECO-251-MMNT1 Alan Leonard
EDU-151-MMNT1 Lori Coburn
EDU-261-MMNT1 Lori Coburn
HIS-132-MMNT1 Jeff Wilhelm
HUM-115-MMNT1 Tom Riley
MAT-152-MMNT1 Travis Flewelling
MUS-112-MMNT1 Sandy Pittman
PSY-150-MMNT1 Joseph Dlugos
SOC-210-MMNT1 Angela Decuzzi
SPA-111-MMNT1 Luis Benavent

The College reserves the right to cancel classes with low enrollment.

  • Go to www.ncresidency.org and select “Complete Residency Determination”
    • Follow the steps to obtain a residency certification number (RCN).
    • Note that if you are already enrolled at a North Carolina college or university, you should use the same RCN number you used to register at that institution.
  • Submit an online application for admission at CFNC.org
    • Please note the username and password used to complete the residency determination and to complete the online application for admission will be the same. In addition, you will be unable to submit your application for admission without the RCN.
    • If you are taking courses to transfer to a university, when selecting a program during the application process, choose “special credit”.
  • Meeting Pre-requisite Requirements
    • If a course has pre-requisites, you must provide proof of completion of the required pre-requisite through an official or unofficial college transcript.
    • To take English and Math courses, you must provide one of the following:
      • A high school transcript with a graduation date within the last ten years and a minimum 2.8 GPA.
      • Qualifying placement test scores taken within the last ten years.
      • Qualifying ACT or SAT scores taken within the last ten years.
      • A college transcript with proof of completion of all required development coursework or completion of an equivalent college level Math or English course that has been evaluated and approved by the Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar.

How to Register

Contact any advisor in student development in Building F to register. Registration can be done in person, by phone, or through email.

Hours Available to Register: Mon-Thurs 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Fri 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Tuition and Fees

The cost for in-state tuition and fees is $269.54 for a three-credit-hour course, and $347.72 for a four-credit-hour course. This does not include the cost of textbooks. For more information on Tuition and Fees visit the Tuition and Fees link.

Since most students taking Winter semester courses will be classified as special credit (non-degree seeking), financial aid may not apply. Students should be prepared to pay out-of-pocket, see payment due dates below.

  • Payment for Winter Session courses is due by 4:00 p.m. on November 27, 2019.

For students who receive financial aid, Winter semester courses are included in measuring Satisfactory Academic Progress, even if financial aid is not used to cover the cost of tuition and fees.

Getting Started in your Online Class

Student Login Information

  • You can access all technology services through the links at the top of the WCC website at https://www.wilsoncc.edu.
  • Students taking online courses access their course materials through Moodle.
    • Username – firstname initial, lastname initial, last four digits of WCC Student ID number.
    • Moodle Username Example: jd3456
    • Email (Office 365) Username Example: jd3456@my.wilsoncc.edu
    • Default Password – uppercase first letter of lastname, lowercase second letter of last name, 6-digit birthdate.
    • Default Password Example: Do052478
  • Your WCC Student ID can be found on your registration form, schedule, or Student ID card.

Technology Support Services

Moodle and Online Learning

  • Moodle is where students login to access coursework and complete course evaluations for curriculum courses.
  • Internet access is required for all curriculum courses.
  • Courses will be available in Moodle on the first day of the term, December 2, 2019 by 8:00 a.m.
  • Enrollment Verification – All students taking online courses must login to Moodle and complete an activity in each online course by the census date  (December 4, 2019) in order to verify enrollment and remain in the course. Failure to complete an activity in Moodle by the census date in each online course will result in being dropped from the course.
  • Moodle 101 Student Training is recommended for all students to become familiar with how to navigate and submit activities through Moodle. Go to https://moodle.wilsoncc.edu, login, and click the Moodle 101 Student Training.

For admissions and registration information contact:


Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to the following students who completed graduation requirements during the Fall 2019 semester!

Name Degree Major
Jamelah Bounedjar Associate in Applied Science Business Administration
Casey Dwayne Chavis Diploma Surgical Technology
Brianna Alexis Coley Associate in Applied Science Criminal Justice Technology
Airene Mariae Penus Costelo Associate in Arts College Transfer
Kayla Aubrie Dorsey Associate in Science College Transfer
Hamid El Messaoudi Associate in Science College Transfer
Tayjuan Bobby Finch Associate in Applied Science Information Technology – IT Support
Justin Bradford Gleich Associate in Science College Transfer
Andre’ Gaither Hilliard Associate in Arts College Transfer
Kathleen V. Ky Associate in Science College Transfer
Divine Tywane Locus Associate in Applied Science Business Administration
Jahiquez Dayvon McAllister Associate in Science College Transfer
Timothy James Oteri Associate in Applied Science Paralegal Technology
Juan Darwin Payes-Morales Associate in Arts College Transfer
Thurayah Amin Saleh Associate in Applied Science Accounting and Finance
Thurayah Amin Saleh Diploma Accounting and Finance
Bobby Carlton Webb, II Associate in Applied Science Automotive Systems Technology
I’jhona De’Sha Wiggins Associate in Applied Science Criminal Justice Technology
Stephanie Camille Williams Associate in Applied Science Medical Office Administration – Medical Coding and Billing

Nontraditional Career Paths

Choosing a career that matches your strengths will allow you to experience much greater job satisfaction. Could a Nontraditional career path be the right choice for you?

The term ‘nontraditional careers’ refers to jobs that have been traditionally filled by one specific gender. The U.S. Department of Labor defines Nontraditional Occupations as “occupations for which individuals from one gender comprise less than 25% of the individuals employed in that occupation”.

Explore a nontraditional career path at Wilson Community College and envision yourself in a career you never dreamed of!

Apply Today

Submit an online application for admission today. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

President’s and Dean’s List – Spring 2020

Congratulations to the Spring 2020 students that made the President’s and the Dean’s List!

  • President’s List students achieved a GPA of 4.0 after final grades were posted for the semester.
  • Dean’s List students achieved a GPA of 3.5-3.99 after final grades were posted for the semester.
President’s List Dean’s List
Hasna Abdelaziz Iyad Abdelaziz
Chadwick Abrams Lamya Alaqel
London Adkins Jenia Allen
Rebecca Alcantar Siani-Simone Ammons
Abbigail Alexander Zyonna Anderson
Reem Alnomairy Nizejai Anderson
Caroline Anderson Sebastian Arizpe
Janel Anderson Jacob Aycock
Mason Anderson Christopher Bailey
Jennifer Aranda Renee Barnes
Jimena Arreola Debra Barnes
Rayvonnda Arrington Amber Barnes
Mishonda Atkinson Angelique Barnes
Ja Dana Atkinson Hannah Batchelor
Elizabeth Avellaneda-Robles Yaquelin Baza-Cruz
Karen Avellaneda-Robles Jacqueline Beacham
Mikayla Baker Amanda Bell
Marley Barberio-Knight Danit Bennett
Taylor Barnes Eden Bennett
Ryne Barnes Bridgette Blow
Parker Barnes Ashley Bohne
Johnathan Barron Bronte Bolton
Lindsey Bass Miguel Bonilla-Salinas
Sydney Batchelor Sarah Boyette
Rashanda Battle Ky’juan Branch
Stacy Bennett Rakia Canty
Juniya Best Victoria Cardoso-Santiago
Joy Best Trinity Carter
Jonathan Bissette Faith Church
Alice Blackwell Zachary Coble
Hadley Borg Jessica Coburn
Helaina Bossolono Elijah Cohen
John Boyette Melissa Council
Jasmine Boykin Martha Cox
Harlee Boykin Daijere Damphie
Taylor Boykin Janice Davis
Natylia Bradberry Marshall Davis
Kinslee Braddy Jarred Desrosiers
Kiley Branch Megan Desrosiers
Hannah Brown Leona Dickens
Akia Brown Dallas Dorsey
Ruth Buchanan Zarriyah Drivers
Gabriel Bunn William Edwards
Madison Butts Brandi Einspahr
Salvatore Campbell Kimberly Elias Ochoa
Ethan Capps Taylor Ellis
Madison Carnes Mercede Estrada
Ezra Chapa Malik Farmer
Itzel Charres Joshua Farmer
David Christman Ta’nashia Finch
Sophie Cohen Kanijiah Finch
Taylor Collins Dalton Garwood
Donna Combs Jerell Gibson
Bonita Cook Anastasia Gibson
Sheileen Correa-Alvarado Jeffrey Gillen
Gabriel Cox Sherry Ginn
Madison Craft Ki-Ara Glover
Beverly Craig Bailey Glover
Jane Cruz Luke Gregory
Jazmine Cruz Flavio Guzman
Zachary Currie Rachel Hamilton
Emma Currie Marsha Hart
Carla Damphie Jared Haynes
Nathan Daniel Alberto Herrera
Dwight David Jake Herring
Allison Davis Kemaree Hinton
Hannah Davis De’ja Hodge
Lillie Davis Melanie Holder
Maria De Jesus Loiz Rowena Holman
Amy Deans Dellneidra Horton
Jose Delgado Kalvin Howie
Samuel Denney Gavin Huff
Rachel Dennison Jayme Huggins
Joshua Denton Jasmine Jacobo-Martinez
Jade Dial Jake Jeffery
Domonique Dickerson Garrett Johnson
Amber Dixon Julianna Johnson
Matthew Eaton Felicia Jones
Laila Edwards Krista Jones
Travis Edwards Tiera Jones
Tiffany Ellis December Jones
Katelyn Engel Kayla Jones
Emma Etheridge Alberty Jones
Tamir Evans Malcolm Jones
Greysen Evans Andrew Joyner
Grace Evans Jennifer Juarez
Cris Exum Zy’miracle Kearney
Emersen Fitch Zahria Kenney
Emily Flores-Bravo Donna Kiewert
Fate Franks Nicholas Kinnamon
Erika French Hannah Lamm
Kayla Fulghum Mollie Lamm
Dante Gaetano Christopher Lane
Jocelyne Gallegos Brianna Langley
Cameron Gamwell Dominick Latta
Mireya Garcia Melina Leal
Melissa Garcia Payton Lentz
Abigail Garcia Marelly Leon-Diego
Leticia Garcia Christopher Long
Cheyenne Gardner Norma Lopez Jimenez
Jennifer Garrett Jennifer Lopez-Jimenez
Marcel Goffington Jessica Lucas
Daniela Gomez Christian Maldonado
Tierany Graham Janeth Martinez
Taliyah Graham Michael Matthews
Stacey Grimsley Collin Matthews
Anna Grissom Faith Matthews
Kevin Gross Sherita McClain
Jacob Gudac Brendon McConney
Bethany Gurley Michaeyla McIver
Wegahta Habtemichael Raziya McNeil
Rosalina Hales Jordan Mills
Jensen Hall Ashley Moore
Michaela Hankins Rege Muldrow
Maggie Hankins Jennifer Myers
Cornelius Hardy Landon Neely
Melissa Hargrove Reece Nelson
Justin Hargrove Garrison Nelson
Shaelyn Harold Sandra Olmos
Javan Harrell Stephanie Olvera
Lauren Harris Tyler O’Neal
Natalie Harris Laura Orrosquieta-Valdez
Dillon Harris Aaliyah Parker
Benjamin Harrison Kaiya Patton
Brewer Hawley Heather Perry
Bryce Hawley Brian Phat
Jena Hebbard Cynthia Phillips
Macy Hebbard Iyari Piedra
Natalie Herbert MacKenzie Pierce
Naya Herring Elijah Pope
Jacqueline Hill Christina Robbins
Catharine Hill Sabrina Roberts
Jordan Horne Alana Robertson
Justin Horne Amania Robinson
Beverly Hoskins Juan Rodriguez
Payton Hovis Jordy Rodriguez
Julie Huckaby Isabella Rogers
William Hughes Danisha Rogers
Timothy Jackson Alan Romero
Sherle James Latrell Ruffin
Alfred Jast Christian Sanchez-Aguilar
Christa Jenkins Kevin Sandoval
Olivia Jernigan Ashleigh Sannes
JonTyler Jobe Lucina Santiago Juarez
Juliana Joles-Keck Diego Santos Reyes
Alea Jones Kaysie Seabright
Amaya Jones Roberto Silva Montoya
Christian Joyner Rachel Smith
Mackenzie Joyner Ashley Snow
Brianna Kelley Laura Sopko
Tahlia Khan Ryan Spain
Naomi King Kerah St. Clair
Ryley Kite Sierra Staten
Christina Kogelschatz Jennifer Stott
Emylie Kramer Jesse Summerlin
Hollie Lamm Sara-Grayson Sumner
Chelsea Langston Chailee Swaner-Augustin
Rayana Leach Sarah Tate
Shannon Leidy Belen Tinajero
Haleigh Lester David Turner
Shaquana Lewin Ahlam Twaiti
Kaylee Liles Bridget Tyson
Kellie Long Jonathan Urieta Rodriguez
Sophia Lucas Angello Vazquez
Danielle Lynd Mary Vick
Khadijah Macklin Beltinah Wambua
Ethan Maddrey Katelynn Ward
Hanan Mahram Bria Ward
Tina Manning Jordan Warren
Kathy May Chelsea Weeks
Brian McNair Jayla Whitby
Cody Mercer Jakeb Whitby
James Miller Sarah Whitley
Isaac Minter Reshonda Wiggins
Morris Mitchell Melissa Williams
Kimani Monk Laniya Williams
Harrison Moody Trajen Willoughby
Brianna Moore Nataje Wilson
Hailey Morgan Mia Wimberly
Meredith Murphy Alec Wiseman
Kirklan Naumuk Abigail Wixom
Allen Norman Silas Wood
Chad Olaes Cameron Wood
Alissa Parbst Connor Worley
Brandi Parker Victoria Yawn
Carter Patterson Melissa Zarate-Serratos
Riley Patterson Marco Zuniga-Bravo
Ashley Pendergrass
Joseph Penunuri
Sheryl Perez
Ingrid Perez
Dakota Perry
Sara Perry
Channing Perry
Antonio Peru
Joselyn Peru-Silva
Kimberly Philpott
Cassidy Pittman
Dylan Pollock
Julie Porter
Nicole Powell
Michael Radcliffe
Bonnie Ramos
Chloe Rascento
Rebecca Raya
Cameron Reep
Season Renfrow
Alberto Revuelta
Elizabeth Reyes
Ryan Richardson
Kanesha Riley
MacKenzie Roberson
Justin Robins
Crystal Rodarte
Melissa Rodriguez
Beatrice Sangangbayan
Jasmine Saucedo
Adam Scott
Elizabeth Secrest
Jared Sellars
Matthew Short
Terri Short
Daniel Simon
Ranbir Singh
Magnolia Smith
Cecilia Smith
Nicholas Smith
Colleene Smith
Louis Sparks
Brianna Speight
Bobby Stell
Silver Stephenson
Hunter Stokely
Kara Strange
Kyle Strickland
Abbey Suelter
John Patrick Sullivan
Erika Summerlin
Kiyanna Taylor
Anihya Taylor
Jameson Taylor
Laura Taylor
Gracie Taylor
Tina Terry
Annika Thompson
Evan Thornton
Jilliann Tinder
Jose Torres
MacKenzie Tyson
Liliana Urieta
James Varnell
Cesar Veras
Abigail Vick
Jane Wachira
Summer Waddell
Jessica Waddell
Haleigh Ward
Brandon Watson
Lea Watson
Robert Webb
Jonathan Webb
Bradley Wells
MacAylee Wiggs
Logan Williams
Kenya Williams
Alexis Williams
Luther Williams II
Benjamin Woodard
Amy Xiao
Matthew Yelverton
Amy Zapotitla

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