Residency for Tuition Purposes

Effective September 11, 2017, residency status will be determined through a centralized Residency Determination Service (RDS). This service will provide three processes to reach a residency classification.

  • Initial Classification- most students will only be required to complete this first process
  • Reconsideration- process for those students who experience a change in circumstances
  • Appeal- process for those students who have not had a change in status but believe their residency classification is incorrect

In order for a student to receive the benefits of in-state tuition and state financial aid, a residency determination is required from RDS. In order to ensure the residency determination process has been completed all applicants will be required to visit and follow the instructions to obtain a residency certification number (RCN). The RCN must be included on the application for admission in order to submit the application.

All students, parents, faculty, staff, and constituents of the North Carolina Community College System should refer to the Residency Determination Service website ( for more information regarding the North Carolina Residency Determination Service, processes, and required residency guidelines.

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