Special Credit/Visiting Student Admissions Process

If you plan to take a course(s) to transfer to a different college or university where you are a current student, or if you plan to take credit classes for personal or professional enrichment rather than toward earning a degree, you are a special credit or visiting student.

Follow these steps to enroll as a Special Credit student:

  1. Go to www.ncresidency.org and select “Complete Residency Determination”. Follow the steps to obtain a residency certification number (RCN). Please note the username and password used to complete the residency determination and to complete the online application for admission will be the same. In addition, you will be unable to submit your application for admission without the RCN.
  2. Complete and submit an application for admission online through CFNC.org. Select Special Credit-Visiting Student/Non-degree seeking as your program of study.
  3. Additional documentation may be requested prior to enrollment for courses with prerequisite requirements. For example, you may be asked to submit an unofficial transcript showing completion of required prerequisite courses.
  4. Activate your Wilson Community College Student Email Account at Office 365. Your username is set up within 48 hours after completing the admissions process. You will receive notification on how to activate your college e-mail, Student Planning, and other college accounts, which allow you to communicate with us and for you to receive important information related to admissions, financial aid, advising, and registration. Check your college e-mail on a daily basis. This is the college’s official form of communication.
  5. Contact Student Development staff to register for courses:

    Jesse Sykes

    Accessibility Services Coordinator/Counselor

    Phone: (252) 246-1230

    Email: jsykes@wilsoncc.edu

  6. Payment and Preparation – You are responsible for paying for your classes by the payment due date each semester. You may pay online in Student Planning under the Student Finance tab or at the Business Office, located in the F building, https://www.wilsoncc.edu/financial-aid/business-office/

Additional Information:

  • Special Credit/Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Visit Student Development in F-100 to have your Student ID made.
  • Students do not need a parking permit to park on campus; however, students are allowed to park only in designated student parking.
  • Textbooks can be purchased online or at the Campus Bookstore in G201.
  • Before the start of the semester, you may want to use the Campus Map to find your classes.
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