Mission Statement

Wilson Community College provides opportunities for academic excellence, student success, workforce development, and community partnerships.


Values are the characteristics we believe are important in how we do our work.

  • Success: Commit to continuous improvement and innovation in support of student-centered teaching and learning.
  • Partnerships: Work together to achieve common goals and expand partnerships that meet the needs of students, employees, and the community we serve.
  • Integrity: Operate with honesty, fairness, and transparency.
  • Compassion: Understand that we all face challenges and respond with empathy and a desire to help.
  • Equity: Promote a culture that values, respects, and supports individuality.

2023 – 2028 Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Student Access and Success 

Students are able to enter Wilson Community College and achieve success regardless of their race, gender, or socioeconomic status. 

Goal 2: Excellence in Teaching and Learning 

Classes—regardless of delivery method—will include engage learners and provide the skills, knowledge and abilities students need for success. 

Goal 3: Workforce Development and Community Partnerships 

The college will increase workforce partnerships and ensure that more students complete short-term training and credentials that provide living wages and that meet workforce demand. 

Goal 4: Employee Engagement and Development 

College employees will have opportunities to enhance their professional development and growth. 

Goal 5: College Environment and Resources 

Employees and students will experience a safe, well-maintained environment that is supported through multiple funding sources. 

Goal 6: Equity 

Enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion within the college. 

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Severe Weather Alert

Due to the threat of severe weather, the college will be closed on Friday, September 7, 2023.