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Wilson Community College has been on its original campus since 1958, and we’re one of 58 community colleges in North Carolina.  You can imagine the thousands of people we have served since then.  From partnering with local businesses and industries, to preparing students ready to work, to training law enforcement officers and firefighters, certifying healthcare workers, and helping start new and counseling existing small businesses, Wilson Community College truly invests in Wilson.  And it’s no secret that Wilson Community College, and every institution for that matter, is proud of its students.  We love hearing from them and invite you to read their testimonials.

photo of Kathy KnightKathy Knight, Paralegal Student

“I chose Wilson Community College because it had the program I wanted and is close to home. Access to my instructor is made simple.”


photo of Roxanne TuzilRoxanne Tuzil, Accounting student

“I chose community college because it is less intimidating than a university. My instructors are very kind and helpful, and it’s also affordable and convenient.”


photo of Shavara PittShavara Pitt, Early Childhood Education student

“I actually did not intend to go to a community college – until I wasn’t accepted in a the university I wanted. Honestly, I’m glad because community college has shown me a different light. The flexibility with classes is especially great, and I will be finished with school in only two years.”

photo of Virginia SpeightVirginia Speight, Associate in General Education – Nursing student

“I chose Wilson Community College because I wanted to further my education in a field that I love – nursing. I’ve been a CNA for 32 years, and I am currently enrolled in the Associate in General Education – Nursing program at WCC. Everyone is so friendly. I love everything about this college!”

photo of Carla DamphieCarla Damphie, Business Administration student

“My initial decision to attend Wilson Community College was for the vast academic programs, course options, and to support my daughter who is also a WCC student. In addition, the convenient location was an added benefit. For my second two-year degree program, I choose Wilson Community College for the community feeling and support. Every encounter with the staff has been positive. I can feel their genuine interest in my success.  So, if you’re trying to decide if community college is right for you, think about it this way: This educational experience will be different and better. You will have support beyond your family and friends. It is worth the effort to invest in yourself for a confident future. Take it one assignment at a time, and then you will be able to see the entire picture – your degree.”

photo of Amber FredetteAmber Fredette, Business Administration student

“I chose Wilson community college for convenience and the resources it offers. I have made a lot of connections while being at Wilson Community College. If you’re thinking about attending a community college, take a look at all the resources they have available, and use what you can to your advantage. Wilson Community College has a great staff to help you.”

photo of Abbigail FryAbbagail Fry – ASL Interpreter Education student

“I took an ASL class at Johnston Community College when I was getting my Associate of Arts degree, and I absolutely fell in love with the Deaf language and culture. A friend told me about the interpreter program at Wilson Community College, and I just knew that’s what I wanted to do. My friend told me all about how immersive and rich the program was, and I have definitely found it to be so!

Being at a community college makes me feel valued as an individual. Because the classrooms are smaller than university classes, you have a more personal relationship with your instructors. The instructors get to know you and can help on a more personal level. I have found the smaller-sized classes at community colleges to be much easier environments to learn, mature, and grow in.

I also love community colleges because they are a great transition from high school. You can take general education classes while you decide on your future career. You may even end up doing what I did — take a class to fulfill a requirement and end up falling in love with it so much that you find your future career!”

photo of Kayla HouseKayla House, ASL Interpreter Education student

“I’ve always heard that Wilson Community College has a great sign language/interpreter program, and that’s what I wanted to go for.  If you want to get a degree to be an interpreter – or whatever your heart desires – Wilson Community College has interpreting programs and other degrees/certifications that other colleges may not have.  The interpreter program also has a certificate if you’re not pursuing a degree.

Community college is right for you if you want to stay close to home or don’t want to be away from home and family. There is almost always a community college close to where you live. And if you have a disability like me, the college is accessible, and they make it easy to get accommodations if you need them.”

photo of Morgan JonesMorgan Jones, Associate Degree Nursing student

“I chose Wilson Community College because it was close to home and for its nursing program. I had heard great things about the program and pass rate. I love the smaller class sizes, individualized attention, and getting help when I need it. The resources available at are great too.  Wilson Community College has aided me with grants, tuition assistance, gift cards, and tutoring. I could not have asked for a better college experience!”

photo of Rio MontesRio Montes, Building Construction Technology student

“I love that Wilson Community College is close to home and affordable.  The program I am in is new, and I love it so far.  The staff helps you in any way they possibly can.”


Jared Over, Associate of Arts student

“I ended up just giving up when I was in high school because my family could hardly afford to help my sister go to college, so I did the bare minimum to pass because I didn’t think I’d ever go to college. Nine years later, while working swing shift and wanting more out of life, I decided WCC would be my opportunity to start fresh after giving up on my education years ago.  Because of WCC, I’m now able to take classes that I never thought I’d ever have a chance to do.”

photo of Lenora StreeterLenora Streeter, Paralegal Technology student

“I chose community college because when I searched for colleges with paralegal degrees, Google said that Wilson Community College was the best community college in the state to obtain this degree.  I reached out to Paralegal Instructor Wendy Grode, and she replied immediately and told me what to do to get in. I have not looked back since. I was invited to be a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and not just a member, but Vice President of our Chapter Alpha Nu Tau and also Vice President over the North Carolina region! I couldn’t have gotten that from any other college but a community college! I am grateful to my advisors Ms. Grode (Paralegal), Ms. Angela Grantham (Phi Theta Kappa), and Ms. Beth Carroway (Phi Theta Kappa Carolinas Regional Coordinator). They encourage me.”

photo of Chris TalbotChristopher Talbot, Information Technology: Networking & Cybersecurity student

“My wife graduated from WCC with a degree in nursing in 2020, and she always had wonderful things to say about the staff. When I decided to jump-start my education, WCC was the only place I applied.

My favorite thing about WCC is the staff! Everyone is kind and helpful. The instructors are passionate about what they do, and they interact with us on a level that is respectful and friendly. I have built many great new relationships at WCC, and I’m looking forward to the day when I am able to give back.”

Courtney Warren, Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy student

“This program is one of the best in the state and is highly recommended by officers and agencies all around.”

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