Gainful Employment

Effective July 2011, federal regulations require that all colleges that receive Title IV funds report enrollment and employment data on students who enroll in certain programs of study to the US Department of Education on an annual basis.  Those same regulations require that colleges publish enrollment  and employment data to students regarding the programs listed below.  While all of the programs at Wilson Community College are designed to lead to either employment or transfer, the US Department of Education requires that we provide disclosure information only on the specific programs listed below.

You may select a program from the list below to review the required student information. Please note that for programs with less than 10 graduates, in the interest of individual student confidentiality, the College does not disclose median debt amounts and on-time completion rates (designated by n/a).  The cost information is based on estimated cost for the previous fall semester and is subject to change by the NC Legislature, the College Board of Trustees, or vendor cost to the College.

Gainful Employment Careers

For more information contact:

Shannon Bain

Shannon Bain

Director of Financial Aid & Veteran's Affairs

Department: Financial Aid

Phone: (252) 246-1274


Office: F105a

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