Nursing Frequently Asked Questions

See the Allied Health Admissions Policies in the current catalog.

  • Associate Degree Nursing (RN) – March 15
  • Associate Degree Nursing Transition (LPN to RN) – October 15
  • Practical Nursing (PN) – March 15
  • Surgical Technology – March 15


Yes. Applicants can select two programs, in order of preference, to apply to on the Allied Health intent form.


TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills. A minimum score is required for acceptance into all Allied Health programs. Wilson Community College does not accept any other standardized test scores for Allied Health admissions.

We allow you to take the TEAS up to twice a year but the test dates must be at least 30 days apart. We offer the TEAS once a month.


Yes, Wilson Community College will accept scores from other colleges.


We will accept test scores that are no older than 2 years from the application deadline.


Yes, Wilson Community College will accept BIO 165 and BIO 166 for BIO 168 and BIO 169. If you took BIO 165, you will need to complete the sequence with BIO 166 to receive credit.


Yes, please see your advisor to find out if any courses you transferred in will substitute for Wilson Community College’s required course.


As long as they were completed on the semester system, courses can be accepted for credit if they are considered equivalent to the courses currently required for the Nursing program. Our registrar will evaluate incoming transcripts for credit once we receive the transcripts.


Students applying to the Practical Nursing or Associate Degree Nursing program(s) must complete a Nurse Aide 1 course and be listed on the Nurse Aide 1 registry prior to the application deadline of March 15th.   There are no college level courses that must be completed prior to entry into the PN and ADN programs if you have completed a chemistry or biology course in high school with a grade of “C” or better.  If developmental courses are required based on placement tests, you will need to complete those developmental courses by the application date, prior to being eligible for admission to either program.

If you are applying to the ADN evening option and the LPN to RN Transition option there are courses that are required prior to starting the program.  Please see the program requirements at the Allied Health page.


Clinical sites, perform criminal background checks and drug screens on all students. We do not know what, exactly, would prevent you from doing your clinicals at each site. Generally, violent and drug offenses, especially those that are recent, would probably prevent you from doing clinicals and you would not be able to continue in the program. Minor and older offenses, especially if you don’t have any other offenses, would be less likely to prevent you from doing your clinicals. You may want to contact the Human Resources department of a hospital to inquire what would prevent a person from working there as a CNA or Nurse to determine if your background check may prevent you from completing your clinicals at a sight.


The points are awarded based on your TEAS test score, GPA, and earned degrees and diplomas. See an admissions counselor for more information.


You would need to submit your application to Wilson Community College, an Allied Health Intent form indicating you’ve earned previous NUR credit, and official transcripts from each institution you’ve attended.  Wilson Community College only allows two total attempts to an Allied Health program.  Entry as a readmitting student is not guaranteed and is awarded if space is available.  Students applying for readmission will be required to audit courses up to the point of re-entry and meet the admissions criteria outlined in the Wilson Community College catalog.  See the readmissions policies for Allied Health students in the current  Wilson Community College Catalog.

As long as you are continuously enrolled in the pre Allied Health program, you do not need to reapply to the college. You do need to fill out an intent form for the Allied Health programs with an admissions counselor every year to be considered for admission to the Associate Degree Nursing, Practical Nursing, and/or the Surgical Technology programs.


A student may be dismissed from a course or curriculum or portion thereof due to academic failure or unsatisfactory performance in a clinical or practical setting. Such action, if warranted, will be taken by the appropriate Curriculum Dean or Director, after a review of the case. Students who believe they have been unfairly or improperly dismissed on grounds of academic failure or unsatisfactory performance may appeal following the process for Instructional Grievances found in the College Catalog.



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