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NC Career & College Promise

The Career and College Promise (CCP) Program provides opportunities for eligible high school students to start college early, where courses can count for dual credit (credit in the high school and college at the same time), all TUITION-FREE! CCP students accelerate completion of college certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees that provide entry-level job skills and/or lead to college transfer credit. This program provides a rigorous college experience for students seeking academic challenges and hands-on, skills-based learning, while being in a responsive and helpful environment before transitioning to a full-time, independent college student.

WATCH the Information Overview Video

Students and parents are encouraged to watch this CCP video prior to enrolling.

EXPLORE Pathways and Eligibility Requirements

Wilson Community College offers College Transfer pathways for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college/university and Career and Technical Education pathways for students seeking skills for immediate employment.

College Transfer Pathways (CTP): designed to earn guaranteed transferable credit within the UNC System of public colleges and universities and many private institutions, with a “C” or higher. The Transfer pathways include:

CTP Eligibility Requirements

  • Juniors or Seniors must have a cumulative, unweighted HS GPA of 2.8 or higher, OR, demonstrate college readiness benchmarks in English, reading, AND math subtests on an approved assessment(s). *
  • Gifted Sophomores may be eligible with different criteria (see WCC Secondary Partnership Director for more information).
  • Meet all course pre- or co-requisites.
  • Approval from HS principal or designee and the College designee.

College Transfer Resources


CTE Eligibility Requirements 

  • Juniors or Seniors must have a cumulative, unweighted GPA of 2.8 or higher, OR, demonstrate college readiness benchmarks in English, reading, AND math subtests on an approved assessment(s). *
  • If GPA is below 2.8, the HS principal or designee may submit a waiver with rationale for why the GPA was waived.
  • If the CTE pathway contains a UGETC College Transfer course, the GPA requirement cannot be waived.
  • Meet all course pre- or co-requisites.
  • Approval from the HS principal/designee and the College designee.
TestPSAT 10 & PSAT/NMSQT (2015 & Future)SAT (March 2016 & Future)Pre-ACT & ACTNC DAP (NCCCS Cut Score)RISE Placement Test



26 or a composite score of 460 for Evidence-Based Reading & Writing480 composite score for Evidence-Based Reading & Writing18Composite Score of 151 or higher***70 or higher on Tier 1 AND Tier 2 (See RISE Placement Guide)



26 or a composite score of 460 for Evidence-Based Reading & Writing22



24.5 or 510530227 on each assessment for DMA 010 thru 06070 or higher on Tier 1 AND Tier 2 AND Tier 3 (See RISE Placement Guide)


Advanced Placement (AP)International Baccalaureate (IB)Cambridge International Examinations
English, Language & Composition3 or higherIB English A (Standard or Higher Level)4 or higherAS Level English LanguageC or higher
English, Literature & Composition3 or higherIB Mathematics (Higher Level)4 or higherA Level English LanguageC or higher
Calculus AB3 or higherIB Advanced Mathematics (Higher Level)4 or higherAS Level Language and Literature in EnglishC or higher
Calculus BC3 or higherIB Mathematical Studies (Standard Level)4 or higherAS Level MathC or higher
College Readiness may be demonstrated by achieving the required scores on a single test or by combining test scores from any of the approved assessments. For example, a student may combine a 22 on ACT math with a 480 on SAT composite score for evidence-based reading & writing to demonstrate readiness.


* Option available only to Cooperative Innovative High School (CIHS) students

** Cooperative Innovative High School (CIHS) students who successfully complete their gateway English and math courses with a C or better prior to their senior year will be exempt from CCRG.

A Level MathC or higher
A Level Mathematics – FurtherC or higher
  • A student may be enrolled in two pathways (one CTP and one CTE, OR, two CTE); advising is recommended before adding a pathway.
  • A student may change his or her pathway with approval of the high school principal or designee and the College chief academic officer or chief student development administrator. Approval is based on the student providing a reason for the change, and printed verification that the program change allows the student to meet the newly chosen career path. Consult with the WCC Secondary Partnership Director first.

For continued enrollment in Pathways:

  • Students must make progress toward high school graduation and cannot delay graduation, and;
  • Maintain a 2.0 college GPA in WCC coursework after completing two courses. If a student’s GPA falls below 2.0 after completing 2 college courses, they will be subject to the College’s policy for Satisfactory Academic Progress, which places students on academic warning or probation status (limited credit hours for enrollment).


If you need help or more information about the application process, call (252) 246-1250, email, or schedule a phone or virtual meeting with Trish Holsten.


WATCH New Student Orientation Video Series

New students should watch all seven New Student Orientation videos prior to the first day of class.

EXPLORE Career Options

Visit the career resources below to help determine career interests and explore the education, training, skills, and pay that make up a variety of occupations and careers, including local job opportunities.

NCCareers opens new window is an great tool to research and identify careers/jobs in North Carolina. Students can identify career interests, explore occupations, plan their career, identify the education and training necessary for that career, and conduct job searches. It is easy to explore salaries and descriptions of careers and the skills necessary to be successful.

Sponsored by the US Department of Labor, the Occupational Outlook Handbook opens new window can help you find career information on job duties, education & training, pay and outlook for hundreds of occupations.

The North Carolina Career Exploration Guide opens new window is designed to illustrate 16 groups of occupations that require a common knowledge base and the use of similar skills (clusters). Each cluster is broken into smaller groups called career pathways to connect to educational programs, industries and careers. Select the Cluster description or specific career pathways to get more information.

CareerOneStop opens new window is a great source for career exploration, interest assessments, training, and jobs.

workNwilson opens new window is a website dedicated to connecting potential workers with well-paying careers in a variety of industries in Wilson, NC. Check out real stories of people that serve in these careers right in your backyard! Want to learn more about to explore and find careers, view the most in-demand companies locally for descriptions and career opportunities.


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