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Come try something new! From drawing and painting to sewing and dance, we have classes to meet your needs.

Teachers Wanted!

We are always looking for new teachers and ideas for new classes to offer our community. If you are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about a particular subject and would like to teach, please let us hear from you!

Send a brief description of the course, the supplies and materials needed, and the desirable number of hours needed to completely teach the course to contact person listed on this page.

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DON’T SEE IT? Is there something you want to take that you don’t see offered? Let us know! Maybe we can offer your favorite class in the future.

Note:  All classes are not offered each semester. Check the Continuing Education schedule for current offerings.

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Drawing and Painting

Acrylic, Oil, and Alkyd

This studio class is for beginning and experienced painters. Learn through demonstration and individualized instruction using your choice of medium. Supplies will be discussed at the first class.

Colour It Abstract

A no-stress eight-week class in painting using colour to create your own originals in abstract art. Discover new techniques, and mix your own colours. Paint and have fun doing it! Materials needed: canvas (boards or stretched, any size), acrylics, brushes, palette, cup for water, and an apron or smock.

New Way Oil Painting

The New Way Oil Painting class utilizes both acrylic and oil paint together to produce a new depth of color and value to your representational or abstract art. For beginners or advanced artists. Supplies: primary color oils, primary color acrylics, brushes, and canvas.

Oil and Acrylic Painting

Learn to paint with oil and acrylics and develop a personal style through the use of line and color perspective. Students will provide their supplies. Paint with oil or acrylic while learning the principles and elements of art.

Painting with a Purpose

This oil painting class will direct your painting to help make the experience more fun and successful. We will start a 16×20 or an 18×24 canvas and a still life of your choice. Bring your own supplies.

Silk Painting

This super easy and fun class will teach you how to paint your own silk scarf. Create a soft, beautiful in color scarf painted by you, using vegetable by-product as a resist to reserve for dye.


Learn how to paint in Watercolors with this step-by-step program. The instructor will teach you the techniques you need while helping you create your own reference book. You will apply what you learn to your own frameable art.

General Interest

All about Raised Bed Gardens

Learn to site, fill and grow in a raised bed “box” garden. Box gardens are easy to build and care for, and can produce a LOT of plants in a small space. We’ll discuss kinds of raised beds, irrigation, fertilization, and more. We will also visit some gardens on campus.

Basic Backyard Beekeeping

A beginner’s introduction to establishing, locating, and maintaining honeybee colonies. The session will cover essential knowledge and skills one will need in order to be a successful backyard beekeeper. Topics include understanding bees, obtaining bees, hive selection, beekeeping attire, keeping your bees healthy and honey harvesting. This class is free, but registration is required.

Fall Gardening and Season Extension

Lean about different methods of extending your growing season into fall and winter. We will discuss cool season vegetables, pests and weeds, and creating structures to protect your crops. Fresh winter vegetables are well worth the effort!

Finding Wellness – How to be the Best and Healthier You

  • Super foods for super health
  • Panic disorder – starting on the path to freedom through nutrition
  • ADHD – tics, behaviors, and associated disorders – are we what we eat?
  • Stress reduction for parents and grandparents – making ourselves a priority so we can care for our priorities

Gardening: Making More Plants

In this workshop, learn how to propagate plants by seed, plant division, and rooting. Learn how to apply these techniques for success in making more plants.

Home Vegetable Gardening

Learn to grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers year-round here in zone 8b. We will discuss all of the basics of gardening including preparing soil, planting soil, planting seeds and transplants, weed and pest control, fertilization, harvesting, composting, and much more. We will discuss good varieties and planting dates for our area.

Small Engine Repair

Save time and money by learning to service, troubleshoot, repair, and rebuild small engines (18-20 HP) like those found in zero-turn radius lawn mowers, weed eaters, and chain saws.

Weight Loss, Wellness, and Nutrition

This 7 week class will cover exercise, portion control, food additives, hydration, proper sleep, dining out & more.

Hobbies and Crafts

Cake Decorating

Learn the basics of cake decorating, including the use of proper supplies to achieve desired effects such as decorative borders and flower formation. Supplies will be discussed at the first class.

Creative Floral Arranging for Fall

Join us for great floral arranging tips and lots of simple ideas for decorating using silk and fresh stems. Supplies and materials will be discussed at the first class.

Creative Floral Arranging for Spring

Join us for great floral arranging tips and lots of simple ideas for decorating using silk and fresh stems. Supplies and materials will be discussed at the first class.

Floral Arranging for Christmas

Join us for great floral arranging tips and lots of simple ideas for decorating using silk and fresh stems. Supplies and materials will be discussed at the first class.

Stained Glass

Learn basic as well as alternative applications and techniques for creating beautiful projects with stained glass.  Students will complete projects of their choosing. Supplies and materials will be discussed at the first class.


Sign Language: Beginners

Communicate in the language of the hearing impaired using American Sign Language. Learn the alphabet and up-to-date commonly used signs and phrases, as well as basic sentence structure. Book required, Signing: How to Speak With Your Hands, approximately $20. (2.4 CEU)

Sing it in Signs

Learn to sign your favorite song in American Sign Language! Signing music is a unique way to express the heart of a song by conveying the auditory elements of music through visual gestures and Sign Language. This course includes some basic instruction and knowledge of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture. Each student will learn to sign several songs and be given the opportunity to perform at the conclusion of the course.

Spanish for Beginners: Part One

Emphasizes basic communication skills for those with little or no background in Spanish. Students will be introduced to basic expressions and common words used in everyday conversations. Book required: Spanish is Fun: Book 1, approximately $27. This class covers chapters 1-8 of the required book. (2.0 CEU)

Music and Dance

Discover Belly Dancing

More flexibility, toned muscles, and less stress – these are just a few of the benefits from this centuries-old form of dance, and it’s FUN. Please dress comfortably, and consult your doctor before starting any new form of exercise.

Tap Dancing for the Young at Heart

A fun and easy tap dance class for older adults. Learn the basic steps and routines that are fun and simple.

Needlecraft and Sewing

Basics of Sewing

Are you ready to start sewing? This class is for beginners and those who want ongoing sewing tips with hands-on assistance. If you are totally new, this is the place to begin. Learn to choose patterns and fabric for projects, thread and operate a sewing machine, use sewing tools/aids. Sewing machines are provided but feel free to bring your own.

Knitting for Fun 101

A no-stress class for the beginning knitter. Learn the very basic steps and stitches of knitting and have fun doing it. Please bring a skein of yarn and a pair of #7 bamboo or wooden knitting needles.

Modern Quilting

Learn quilt-making basics using contemporary tools and techniques based on modern design elements with step-by-step guided instructions. This class is for the first time quilter, as well as those reconnecting with a family tradition of quilting.

Quilting for Beginners

Beginners will learn tips and techniques for machine quilting, starting with the basics to assemble and completing a quilted project. Supplies will be discussed at the first class meeting.

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