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Fugitive ApprehensionThis course is designed to expand upon the knowledge and skills that officers will need to safely and effectively locate and apprehend offenders. The course will place focus on all aspects of apprehension from time the warrant issued until the post apprehension. This course will provide training regarding intelligence gathering, case assignments and work-ups, research, exploitation of historical and real-time electronic surveillance and social media, cellular analysis, apprehension techniques, tactical mindset and leadership regarding the apprehension of violent offenders, operational planning, equipment needs, task forces and allocation of personnel, consent searches, and knowledge of applicable laws.November 27, 2017December 01, 2017
Cyber Crime Legal IssuesThis course is designed for all law enforcement officers. Topics to be addressed include: the evolution of cybercrime, cyberterrorism, virtual crimes, computers as target, access offenses, federal and state computer related statutes, federal and state case law concerning computer crimes, fraud and related offenses, content related offenses, offenses against the person, cyberstalking, identity theft and evidence collection and prosecution of cases.November 29, 2017November 30, 2017
First Line SupervisionThis course is designed for officers who are newly assigned to supervisory positions and/or officers serving in supervisory positions without any formal training. Concepts and techniques that have been effectively utilized in the management of human resources are introduced. Instruction will focus on determining an officer's communication/personality traits through a Myers-Briggs assessment, communications skills, legal aspects of supervision, supervising the problem employee, supervision of search and seizure situations, and performance evaluations. Students will need a 3-ring binder to collect lesson plans and handouts through out the week.December 04, 2017December 08, 2017
Basic Criminal InvestigationThis course is designed to provide the initial training of a police officer that is responsible for conducting general criminal investigations. The course will expose the student to a variety of successful investigative techniques utilized during the preliminary scene investigation, the follow-up investigation, apprehension, and case preparation. If departments will allow it, students should bring an open criminal investigation case file to class.December 04, 2017December 08, 2017
Latent Fingerprint ComparisonThis course will expose the student to the basics of friction ridge skin comparison and identification principles and techniques. The student will learn the ACE-V methodology of fingerprint comparisons and the accepted practices within the science of fingerprints. Heavy emphasis is placed on practical exercises. Students will need a fingerprint magnifier and pointers for class.December 11, 2017December 15, 2017
Dignitary ProtectionThe purpose of this course is to provide the student basic fundamentals and understanding of advance tactics and techniques to secure a location for a protectee.December 11, 2017December 14, 2017