Criminal Investigator


  1. Students must be enrolled in the certificate program to be eligible to receive the special program recognition and certificate. Students who have completed required courses at Wilson Community College within the two years prior to enrollment in this program may apply for advanced standing
  2. Students must complete all program requirements within three years of their start date in the program. The starting date will be determined by the first day of the first course taken after acceptance into the program.
  3. Students may apply for transfer credit for equivalent courses completed successfully at another training facility in North Carolina, with the following stipulations:
    1. Documentation of all courses for which a student is applying for credit should be submitted at time of application.
    2. Credit acceptance is limited to the elective courses listed below, which is the equivalent of 28% of the program requirements.
    3. The student will be required to provide a transcript, certificate, or other official record documenting the course title, hours, date, time, and place of the training. The student will provide documentary evidence of course content in the form of a student manual, course outline, or other documentary evidence acceptable to the Wilson Community College In-Service Coordinator.
    4. Each enrolled student in the program will have a student file maintained by the In-Service Coordinator documenting credit acceptance from other training facilities.
  4. Students will be required to attend 90% of each required course in the program, pass a written examination with a minimum score of 70%, and successfully complete all practical skill requirements.

Classes required for certificate:

Basic Criminal Investigation40 hours
Crime Scene Management24 hours
Police Photography24 hours
Systemic Interview and Interrogation32 hours
Forensic Aspects of Fingerprints40 hours
Surveillance & Undercover Operations24 hours
Case Management24 hours
Developing and Using Criminal Evidence40 hours
Search Warrant Preparation and Execution16 hours
Electives100 hours
Total364 hours


Elective Choices:

Death InvestigationCyber Crime Investigation
Drug InvestigationsInvestigation of Sex Offenses
Street Gangs: Identification & InvestigationEthics
Arson InvestigationsEffective Courtroom Testimony
Fraud InvestigationEnhancing Interpersonal Communication Skills
Burglary InvestigationBackground Investigation
Robbery Investigation 

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