Attendance Policy

State mandates require that all students must “enter” and participate in each course prior to the census date (10% point) for each course in order to remain enrolled in the course.  In rare cases, attendance flexibility may be required under federal Title IX requirements.

Traditional (On-Campus) Classes

Students have full responsibility for accounting to their instructor for absences and will be counted absent starting from the date they register for each class. Faculty has authority to drop students who have missed 15% of the required class hours. Some programs may follow a more stringent attendance policy because of regulations set by consortia or state and federal licensing agencies. Make-up work may be allowed at the discretion of the instructor and tardiness may, at the discretion of the instructor, be considered in computing class attendance.

Online (NET)

Attendance in NET classes is measured by active participation by submitting assignments by due dates, completing tests, communication with the instructor, and participation in discussions boards. Students who fail to maintain active participation as defined in the course syllabus, may be dropped when the student has been absent at the 15% point of the course.

Hybrid Classes (HY)

Hybrid courses are a combination of traditional face-to-face course delivery and online delivery. Attendance for each delivery method will be measured accordingly. Students must complete the required online entrance assignment by the announced deadline.

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