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The Wilson Community College Police Department is a certified sworn Law Enforcement Agency committed to protecting life and property, deterring criminal activity, ensuring public safety, and providing an academic environment that is conducive to learning. All campus police officers are sworn law enforcement agents who work closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to provide visitors, students, faculty, and staff a safe and secure environment while on our campus.

Campus police officers have complete police authority to apprehend and arrest anyone involved in illegal acts on campus and areas immediately adjacent to the campus. If a student or employee commits a minor offense involving College rules and regulations, campus security officers may refer the individual for disciplinary action.


The WCC Police Department is located in Building D, Room D103, and can be reached at extension 1400 or 1393 if dialed from a campus phone (252-246-1400 or 252-246-1393 from an off-campus phone).

Students, employees, and visitors should report any incidents and concerns immediately so that appropriate response measures may be taken.


Aubrey Pearson

Aubrey Pearson

WCC Chief of Police

Department: Security

Phone: (252) 246-1393


Office: D103

Emergency Alert Notification System

Wilson CC Alert is the official alert system the college uses to distribute critical information regarding campus emergencies and inclement weather information.

Emergency Procedures

  1. Call 911 and provide your location
  2. Call Campus Security at ext. 1400 or (252) 246-1400

Emergency Response and Evacuation

The College has developed emergency response and campus evacuation procedures for situations involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of individuals on the campus. Emergency Information Guides are posted in all rooms where people gather on campus. Building evacuation plans are posted in each building. The College conducts emergency response exercises each semester and College departments have developed contingency and business continuity plans.

  • Call 911 and be prepared to provide the location of the incident (Building, Room, etc.) and the type of medical emergency.
  • Call Campus Security at Ext. 1400 from an office phone or (252) 246-1400 from a cell phone.Emergency Procedures
  • Remain with the person until help arrives and try to keep the person still.
  • Do not attempt to move a seriously injured person unless there is risk of additional injury by not doing so.
  • Provide first aid only if you are trained to do so.
  • Call 911 and be prepared to provide the location of the incident (Building, Room, etc.), type of incident, number of injured if known, and a description of the intruder(s) and weapons.
  • Emergency ProceduresCall Campus Security at Ext. 1400 from an office phone or (252) 246-1400 from a cell phone.
  • Go to a location (classroom, office, closet, etc.) that can be closed and locked.
  • Lock or barricade all doors, and turn off all lights.
  • Keep all students and staff out of sight from windows and doors.
  • If you see a crime in progress, are a victim of a crime, or witness an activity you suspect is criminal, call Campus Security by calling Ext. 1400 from an office phone or (252) 246-1400 from a cell phone as soon as possible.Emergency Procedures
  • Be prepared to provide information such as the person’s actions, location, description, etc.
  • Your safety comes first. Do not attempt to apprehend the person(s) involved.
  • Do not leave the building. Go immediately to inner hallways/rooms away from windows and exterior doors. Always go to the lower level of a two-story building if possible.Emergency Procedures
  • Stay low, facing the wall with your head covered.
  • Remain in the sheltered area until you are notified through the Emergency Alert System that the severe weather has ended.
  • If the building has been damaged, evacuate and do not attempt to return to the building unless authorized by security officers or college officials.
  • If you discover a fire, explosion, or smoke in a campus building, locate the nearest alarm box and activate by pulling the alarm.Emergency Procedures
  • When a fire alarm sounds, all persons are to evacuate and proceed to the nearest evacuation area marked in red on a campus light pole.
  • Do not re-enter a building until fire officials declare the area safe. A College official or Security will authorize re-entry to the building(s).
  • Only Wilson Community College employees who are trained in the use of fire extinguishers should use a fire extinguisher to fight small fires.
  • If you receive a bomb threat or discover a bomb, you should immediately call 911 from an office phone. Do NOT use a cell phone as it may activate an explosive device.Emergency Procedures
  • After calling 911, call Campus Security from an office phone at Ext. 1400.
  • Do not immediately evacuate the building unless immediate danger is present or when directed by security or a college official to do so. If evacuation is necessary, go to the nearest evacuation area marked in red on a campus light pole.

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Severe Weather Alert

Due to the threat of severe weather, the college will be closed on Friday, September 7, 2023.