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The Student Government Association (SGA) is one of the most active organizations at the College and provides leadership opportunities designed to promote students’ educational, personal, and social development, which allows for full integration for classroom learning. SGA provides an avenue by which students’ interests and needs may be expressed, and provides students ample opportunity to work with College administration in matters affecting the welfare of the student body.

The responsibility for governing the student body is vested in the students themselves. To do this properly, the SGA requires a campus community effort and partnerships. The organization is comprised of:

    • Executive Council Delegates
    • Curriculum Representatives
    • Active Members
    • SGA Advisor(s)

For more information contact:

When and Where Are Open Meetings Held?

Please check the calendar on the college’s main webpage for dates and times of monthly meetings. These meetings are open to currently enrolled curriculum and WECA students, faculty, and staff, as well as invited guests. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

What Kinds of Activities Do We Do With SGA?

We offer a wide variety of experiences through entertainment and educational programming on campus and in our greater community area! To support educational, social, and personal development, our activities are ever-changing. Please see the College Calendar for information on scheduled events.

SGA is about more than providing entertainment and social activities. We are also change-makers. Our students work with local and state-level SGA organizations to promote awareness and changes on campus through College partnerships and legislation. To learn more about leadership development, talk with an Executive Council delegate member or advisor today!

How Do I Become a SGA Member, Curriculum Representative, or Executive Council Delegate?

Great news – all enrolled curriculum students who pay the required student activity fees, and WECA students are members of the Student Government Association! You simply have to take action to become involved. Join us at our monthly meetings, and drop by the SGA office or advisor’s office during the school day to learn more. You may also e-mail or leave a voicemail using the contact  information below and we will contact you promptly.

Curriculum Representatives represent their curriculum program and serve as liaisons between the SGA and all students. To become a Representative, please download the Curriculum Representative Form and follow the instructions. The Executive Council will review the information and follow up with each candidate individually. A full list of duties can be found in the SGA Constitution.

Executive Council delegates are responsible for the day-to-day functions of the SGA. This includes the planning, preparation, and execution of activities, programs, and community service as well as representing the student body in College affairs. Approximately 10 hours per week are required to fulfill the responsibilities of an Executive Council delegate. A full list of duties and election information can be found in the SGA Constitution.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Becoming Active in SGA?

  • It gives direction to student life beyond the classroom.
  • It inspires responsible action and fosters an inclusive environment in order to better the College community.
  • It provides opportunities for the development and education of our individual students through communication, the exchange of ideas, resource development, leadership training, and fellowship.
  • It encourages personal responsibility, ethics, morals, accountability, and service.
  • It helps prepare students to enter career fields by teaching and re-enforcing “soft skills”.

How Can Being an Active Member in SGA Find Me Career Opportunities?

  • Quality Leadership Skills
  • Effective Communication & Teamwork
  • Time Management & Organization
  • Character & Integrity in Decision-Making and Behaviors
  • Creativity & Critical Thinking Skills
  • Motivation & Determination
  • Relationship Building & Networking Opportunities
  • FUN- We accomplish our goals and also incorporate great memories filled with laughter!

* Positions that prepare individuals for specific careers.
**These are also the most highly sought qualities that transcend every career field!!

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