Disciplinary Sanctions

Upon determination that a student or organization has violated any of the rules, regulations, or disciplinary offenses set forth in these regulations, the Dean of Student Development may impose the following disciplinary sanctions either singly or in combination. Some disciplines must adhere to additional state, federal, or organizational and accrediting agency guidelines and regulations. Immediate sanctions, up to and including expulsion, may be necessary in some cases to guarantee the safety and harmony of the campus environment.

Restitution: A student who has committed an offense against property may be required to reimburse the College or other owner for damage to or misappropriation of such property. Any such payment in restitution shall be limited to cost of repair or replacement.

Warning: The appropriate College officials may notify the student that continuation or repetition of specified conduct may be cause for other disciplinary action.

Reprimand: A written reprimand or censure may be given any student or organization whose conduct violates any part of these regulations. Such a reprimand does not restrict the student in any way, but does have important consequences. It signifies that he or she is in effect being given another chance to conduct himself or herself as a proper member of the College community and that any further violation may result in more serious penalties.

Restrictions: A restriction upon a student or organization’s privileges for a period of time may be imposed. This restriction may include, for example, denial of the right to represent the College in any way, denial of use of facilities, parking privileges, participation in extracurricular activities, or restriction of organizational privileges.

Disciplinary Probation: Continued enrollment of a student on probation may be conditional upon adherence to these regulations. Any student placed on probation will be notified of such in writing and will also be notified of the terms and length of probation. Probation may include restrictions upon the extracurricular activities of a student. Any conduct in violation of these regulations while on probationary status may result in the imposition of a more serious disciplinary action.

Loss of Course Credit: Loss of course credit and a failing course grade may be imposed for proven charges of serious academic dishonesty.

Suspension: If a student is suspended, he or she is separated from the College for a stated period of time with conditions of readmission to the College.

Expulsion: Permanent removal and exclusion from the College, College controlled facilities, programs, events, and activities.


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