Computer Hardware and Software Recommendations

Wilson Community College recommends the following computer hardware and software for student success. Some courses may require additional hardware or software, please check the course requirements posted in Moodle or on the syllabus, or contact the instructor or dean. It is the responsibility of the student to have access to the required hardware/software.

Mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones, may not be sufficient for completing required coursework.

Computer Hardware

  • PC or Mac with updated operating system and antivirus protection.
  • Multimedia – speakers, microphone, and webcam are recommended and may be required in some courses

Additional Computer Software

  • Latest version of Microsoft Office – Wilson CC offers free downloads of the latest version of Microsoft Office and Office 365 to all students and employees at
  • PDF reader – download free at (Note: Uncheck the Optional Offers checkboxes at the Adobe Reader download site to avoid downloading unwanted software).

Internet Connection

  • Reliable Internet access.


*Note that the Internet Explorer browser is not supported by the College.


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